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According to the American Psychological Association Presidential...

According to the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family, "Surveys of health care professionals, including mental health providers, indicate that professionals often fail to report identified child maltreatment, despite being trained to identify child abuse and neglect. Many professionals indicate that they do not believe others will follow through to provide the help needed by a family coping with violence." (APA, 1996, p. 63)

Helpful web site:

  • Child Welfare Information Gateway

Name of State:

  1. How is child abuse defined in the statute? 
  2. Who are the mandated reporters? 
  3. Is any group specified as "exempt"? If yes, please explain 
  4. What are the penalties for failing to report?
  5. Are child witnesses to domestic violence addressed in the statute? If yes, please explain 
  6. Do you think there is ever a good reason for a professional to fail to report child abuse?

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