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Question #7. what type of cell y You can use lines to represent DNA...

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what type of cell y You can use lines to represent DNA and RNA molecules (no need to write the sequence). However, use the database information to obtain the protein's amino acid sequence. In your picture, draw the first 5 amino acids of the protein and label them with their 3 letter shorthand name. You already found this sequence for your Bioinformatics Part 3. Label your drawing with the terms below: -Indicate how tRNAs, MRNAs and ribosomes work together to build your protein of interest. Label the terms on the next page in your drawing and show how they work in the gene expression process. You can draw one picture showing everything happening or you can draw a series of pictures. Terms to label Amino acids MRNA Termination sequence Anticodon Nucleus Ribosome Coding region Partial protein Cytoplasm Codon RNA polymerase tRNA 5'UTR Start codon Promoter Introns Stop codon Complete protein 7. (3 pts) Customize this drawing of the translation of the mRNA to show the sequence of codons #2 and #3 encoded by your gene, the anticodons on the tRNAs and the amino acids #2 and #2 of your protein. SUAAU G JONG The tRNA matching the next codon binds to the ribosome and the amino acids bond.

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Question #7

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