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This is a very confusing Glacier Exercise for my Geology 101 Class....

This is a very confusing Glacier Exercise for my Geology 101 Class. I have attached the instructions and the 3 maps. It uses Google Maps/Earth. There are 4 pins on each map that if you look closely at you can see are labeled A,B,C,& D. Any help would be much appreciated!!! This is the last exercise in this class, thank goodness. No need to fill in the definitions of the terms as I already have them defined on flash cards I made.

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Throughout Earth’s history, great sheets of ice covered large areas of continents and mountainous regions of Earth. Glaciers are powerful forces of erosion and deposition on Earth’s surface. In this exercise, you will use Google earth to identify key features associated with alpine glaciers. Enter coordinates 59.420640 -138.266542 to see above image in Google Earth. Use zoom feature to view image at 7.45 km altitude. Look up the following terms using text and/or Wikipedia, and list the definition of each . Locate the following glacial features, labeling them with the thumbnail feature . Look for each features’ coordinates at bottom of screen as each is labeled, and list the coordinates for each below . Save image to disk, and print a copy for instructor . Outwash – Lateral Moraine – Medial Moraine – Terminus – Rock Flour - GLACIERS AND GLACIATION Landscapes of Alpine Glaciation Look up and list definitions for the following terms as defined in your text and/or using Wikipedia. Enter coordinates 59.451103 -138.319496 in Google Earth, and zoom in to 7.25 km to see above image. Name the landforms listed on each of the three images using the associated terms. List your answers in the exercise 3 answer form . Terminus Equilibrium line Zone of Ablation Zone of Accumulation
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