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The hazards posed in this report were identified by building a foundation of information interpreted and analysed to predict the outcome of differing mining operations. The location of the GM seam under examination is due east of the present mining operations conducted at the Goonyella Riverside Mine. The Geological Hazard map reveals the areas that were primarily focused on and were deduced through an understanding of the underlying geology. The potential hazards defined mostly relate to roof conditions and the physical/chemical properties of coal. Though the variables are dependent a good indication of where and how to mine could be determined with confidence. The cross-section used shows the presence of paleochannels and large sandstone bodies which assisted in determining the depositional environment as deltaic. Additionally, effective roof support mechanisms could be placed on the marked areas to ensure stable longwall conditions.

Open-pit mining was ruled out due to the depth and quality of coal. A longwall was propositioned on the basis of stable roof/floor conditions. The three areas defined depict both shallow and thick coal deposit mining. During mining operations close monitoring of gas concentration, jointing/cleating, fracturing and faulting of the strata layers needs to be carried out.  With the proposed positions of the longwall, roof conditions and wedge failures would have to be taken into consideration. Environmental impacts of a new coal mine would need to be managed and implemented to prevent any contamination. The locations deemed sufficient in regards to the hazards of the geological processes have been presented and concluded. Further research into the behavior of the roof mechanisms in response to Normal fault related stress could provide further information not discussed in this report. Furthermore other samples and structures only become available during the mining processes so alterations could be needed to the overall composition. Stresses and other factors could resort to the need of a drastic change in the method of mining. The data and interpretations provided cannot conclude that longwall mining will be guaranteed successful.

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Can you help me with summary as soon as possible?
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