Directions: Read and Answer the following questions for full credit.
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Directions: Read and Answer the following questions for full credit.   (Links to an external site.)

1) Explain what happened to the ejecta from the asteroid impact. Talk about where it ended up and the implications to life here and elsewhere. 

2) Explain the how toxic gases formed and talk about their effects.

3) Describe the "three-metre problem" in paleontology. What does it refer to and why is it a problem?

4) Where can the Hell Creek geological formation be found? In what environment did it form? What does it contain that is valuable to paleontologists?

5) Explain the discoveries of Walter Alvarez and his father, Luis Alvarez and trace the change in thinking that came about in terms of this specific extinction and extinctions in general. 

6) Describe the finds that paleontologist De Palma uncovered, starting with the "overburden" and also addressing the condition of the fossils. 

7) "Dismayed by what he called the 'wasteful mismanagement' of his collection, DePalma adopted some unusual collecting practices. What are these practices and why are they controversial?

8) DePalma realized that his theory of what had happened at Tanis had a fundamental problem. What was it and how was it resolved by other scientists?

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