MPH MCH Course: Assessment Task Two.Post-Course written assignment Read the attached paper from the

British Medical Journal titled "Maternal Overweight and Obesity in Early Pregnancy and Risk of Infant Mortality: A Population Based Cohort Study in Sweden".

Answer the following questions. There are 8 questions and a total of 35 marks are available for this assignment. Marks allocated to each question are clearly shown in parentheses. Recommended time to complete the assignment is 3 hours. Answer each question in not more than 100-150 words. Unnecessarily long answers will be penalized. Use Font size 11. Do not type outside the boxes provided. Do not cut and paste. Adjusted the provided space after each question to fit your answer.

When you have completed all the questions, save the file using a name that includes your first name and student ID number and then upload it through BlackBoard©

Please upload your completed assignment by 0900 on Sunday 6 October 2019.



MPH MCH Course: Assessment Task Two. A Population Based Cohort Study in Sweden '. Answer the following questions. Marks allocated to each question...
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