General Psychology In-Class Social PsycName ___________________________ 1.What is social psychology? 2.Explain person perception and two
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General Psychology

In-Class Social Psyc                                                                Name___________________________

1.    What is social psychology?

2.    Explain person perception and two characteristics that influence this type of perception.

3.    What is implicit personality theory?

4.    What is the difference between implicit and explicit cognition, and what role do these levels of cognition play in our perception of others?

5.    Define the following:

a.    Stereotyping-

b.    Discrimination-

c.    Prejudice-

d.    Self-fulfilling prophecy-

e.    Social identity-

6.    Explain cognitive dissonance and give an example.

7.    Give examples of why we conform.

8.    Explain how the idea of obedience shaped Milgram's experiment.

9.    What is the difference between social inhibition and social facilitation?

10. Explain groupthink and why it occurs.

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