For this assignment, students will complete a research paper after...

For this assignment, students will complete a research paper after selecting a topic of interest in the field of public health practice or administration. The student must secure approval of the topic from the instructor before beginning the research. Students will research and write a scholarly paper on the topic using APA formatting. The paper is to be approximately 8-10 pages in length, excluding the title page, abstract and references. The research paper is to be based on at least six references, including books, journal articles, etc.

Issue:  State the specific issue, problem, idea, or approach you are researching. Begin with a brief review of the background or development of the issue/practice followed by a description of its evolution, implementation, and effectiveness in practice.Literature Review: Provide a literature review of the topic. Describe the major positions of the topic being presented in the literature, both pro and con or alternative methods of delivery.  Review a diverse sampling of the literature to gain multiple perspectives.Conclusion: Synthesize the viewpoints and evidence to draw a conclusion about the topic/issue.  Prioritize and evaluate the possible solutions or alternatives discussed above.   Clearly provide the reader with a logical explanation of your conclusions based on evidence/experience of authors cited in your research paper. Concentrate on making insightful conclusions supported by the literature researched. Provide a specific intervention based on your conclusions.Follow APA format, including a cover page with running head, abstract, topic headers or subheadings, proper in-text citation, and a reference page. Use 1” margins and 12-point font.Comply with the grading rubric below to determine how work will be evaluated and graded.  Diabetes PreventionObesity – children, teens, adultsHeart Disease – various aspectsCommunicable Illness (such as West Nile, Ebola, etc.)SmokingListeria or other food borne illnessHealthcare Associated Infections


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