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  1. Review the Department of Health and Human Services Meaningful Use Guidelines website at
  2. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the privacy standards related to Meaningful Use Guidelines and the implementation of electronic health records.
  3. Thinking like a healthcare administrator, imagine that you have been asked to prepare a report to your superiors on how meaningful use guidelines impact patient privacy and suggestion best practices to ensure compliance at all levels of your healthcare organization.
    1. Be sure to consider the end users of electronic health records, such as nurses and clinical technicians who enter patient information into the system.
    2. Find at least one other article that discusses best practice for meeting meaningful use guidelines and securing privacy of electronic health records.
  4. Develop a three- to four-page paper, in APA format, that describes meaningful use, discusses privacy and security related to electronic health records, and analyzes the impact of meaningful use on healthcare organizations.  Conclude your paper with an overview of current best practices, supported by the literature, for complying with these external privacy policies.

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