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Question#1 - A Broader Understanding of Cultural Competence To...

Question#1 - A Broader Understanding of Cultural Competence

To understand the broader context of cultural competence in health care, there are a variety of stakeholders involved in the delivery and support of health care services whose perspectives must be considered.

According to Pérez and Luquis (2008, p. 46), cultural competence was defined by the 2000 Joint Committee on Health Education and Promotion Terminology of AAHE as "the ability of an individual to understand and respect values, attitudes, beliefs, and mores that differ across cultures, and to consider and respond to appropriately to these differences in planning, implementing, and evaluating health education and promotion programs and interventions."

Considering this broad, interrelated complexity, reflect on the importance of cultural competence for health care organizations, and for the health and wellness of diverse groups.

In your initial post for this discussion, address the following scenario:

Your department manager has asked you to "read up on cultural competency." After visiting several Web sites and reading course materials, how might you define and explain to your manager the broader context for cultural competency?

  • *  Consider cultural systems of belief, values, and attitudes toward health and wellness, as an example.
  • *  Address health beliefs, practices, and behaviors.

Pérez, M. A., Luquis, R. R. (2008). Cultural competence in health education and health promotion. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

( 300 word response for question 1 ) 

Question#2- Principles for Building Cultural Competence

Review the discussion of principles of cultural competence in the Pérez and Luquis text (pages 50–52), including both the personal and the discipline-specific principles in cultural competence. In your initial post,

  • * Describe how these principles might help you develop personally and professionally as a health care leader or provider.
  • * Discuss your thoughts relative to Carney and Kahn's cultural competency training five stages.
  • * Discuss differences between cultural competence practice in diverse environments. How might they differ? Provide examples.
  • * Discuss two ways to improve chances of achieving cultural competence in health organizations, and support your thoughts with details or examples.

( 300 word response for question 2) 

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