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US History I just need to double check answers and some are blank...

US History

I just need to double check answers and some are blank which are the ones that i don't know.


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1. How did monopolies contribute to the economic challenges that farmers faced in  the United States in the late 19th century?    a. Independent farmers were forced to sell their farms when they could not  compete with the output of large, commercial farms. b. Farmers were dependent on industries where high prices were set by companies that had no competition. c. Monopolies were exempt from legislation that was intended to regulate  business practices. d. Farmers' options for purchasing seed, livestock, and farm equipment were severely limited when smaller companies were absorbed by industry  giants. 2.  The populist movement arose in the late 19th century in response to problems  faced by which of these groups?    a. farmers b. urban dwellers c. industrial workers d. women 3.  Which statement explains why maintaining the gold standard had a negative  impact on American farmers in the late 19th century?    a. It made purchasing government-owned land increasingly expensive. b. It decreased the amount of money that banks could loan to farmers. c. —It restricted the size of the money supply, which kept crop prices from  rising. d. It slowed economic growth, which reduced manufacturers' demands for  cotton. 4.  Immigrants from which of the following countries would have faced the greatest  restrictions during the late 19th century and early 20th century?    a. Ireland b. —— China c. Mexico d. Russia
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