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<br/> -A particular organization is looking to fill one of its key

and top-level position in the coming year. The organization is extensively deliberating on whether to promote from within or to recruit from external sources to fill the vacancy. As there was no consensus on which way to take, the board of directors has decided to hire an independent consultant to enlighten them on the advantages and disadvantages of promoting from within and recruiting from outside the organization. The consultant is also expected to forward his/her recommendations. Imagine that you are invited as a consultant to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the sources to the board of directors and thus, forward your recommendations. Hence, discuss them in detail. In your opinion, which one is the best? Why?
-Attracting and retaining staff is one of the key jobs of HR managers today. With the rapid change in the business environment, there is an increasing tendency of employees to mobile or move from one place to another in search of better jobs and opportunities. Suppose that a particular financial institution is facing a high rate of the turnover of branch managers. And you are called upon to consult the bank on how to retain its branch managers. What would be your recommendations?
-Explain the implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) for the world of Work. Discuss the challenges and opportunities it brought to organizations based on a reallife experience. Anticipate and discuss the implications of COVID-19 on HRM practices. How does it impact the HRM works? 
-Explain the meaning, objectives (purpose), and outcomes of job analysis. Also, differentiate between job description and job specification 
-A recent report by XYZ oil exploration company operating across the globe revealed that the company has experienced an ever-increasing rate of accidents by its key technical employees. A preliminary study to uncover the root causes of the accident revealed that there is a lack of technical skill on the side of the employees and suggested that the company need to develop a training program to enhance the skills of its employees with the ultimate goal of minimizing the increasing rate of accident. The operations management of the company has perceived that there is a strong need to provide training to its employees but lacks the know-how for realizing the program. Hence, you are invited as an external HR consultant to support the company to develop and execute the program. Based on your theoretical understanding of training and development, discuss the key steps that XYZ oil exploration company should adopt to effectuate the training program 

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A particular organization is looking to fill one of its key and top-level position in the coming year. The organization is extensively deliberating...
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