Watch the video: Piercy, D. (2014, Nov 4). Global Human Resource Management. [Video File]. Retrieved from: This video features an employee who agreed...
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Watch the video: Piercy, D. (2014, Nov 4). Global Human Resource Management.

 [Video File]. Retrieved from: 

  • This video features an employee who agreed to locate himself and his family from New York to Paris, France. This situation was not successful and the employee asked to have his contract terminated and return to New York. 
  • Read the article: Chew, J. (2004). Managing MNC Expatriates through crises: A challenge for international human resource management, Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, 12(2), 1-30. Download the pdf.

Using the video, discuss the issues you found most compelling. Was the employee being unreasonable in his requests? How did the HR team handle the situation? Given what you know about the challenges of expatriates, was there anything that the company should have done for this employee and/or his family? Who is ultimately responsible for making sure the expatriate experience is a successful one?

  • Provide an analysis and suggest some solutions and strategies for improving expatriate success. 
  • If you have ever been an expatriate, please use your own experiences to enhance the discussion. 

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