please give correct answer: Your neighbor, Dwayne, hasn't worked in the past five years. He fell from a truck at work and hurt his back and leg. He
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please give correct answer:

Your neighbor, Dwayne, hasn't worked in the past five years. He fell from a truck at work and hurt his back and leg. He draws 60% of his salary. Under what benefit plan is Dwayne covered?

1) Wellness

2) Keough

3) Jordan

4) Short-term disability

5) Long-term disability


Melvin invests $2400 of his pre-tax earnings into an account each year. The money grows tax-free, and he can withdraw the money tax free when he reachers a certain age. What kind of retirement program does Melvin have?

1) Scanlon Plan

2) Individual Retirement Account

3) Defined benefit plan

4) Profit sharing plan


Which of the following statements are accurate about a company that has a well-designed career development program?

1) Employee frustration is reduced.

2) Outside hires tend to be of lower quality.

3) More outside talent needs to be recruited.

4) The glass ceiling is protected.

5) Workers get time off for courses.


Time-in-rank increases are an example of a performance-based reward.




Dyan attended a workshop on long-term career goals and decided to get another college degree. What kind of activity was the workshop?

1) orientation

2) employee training

3) individual career development

4) organizational career development

5) organizational development


Why is concurrent validity challenged in court more often than predictive validity?

1) It is not. Predictive validity is more challenged.

2) Concurrent validity has no content validity.

3) Applicants are more similar to applicants.

4) Interview consistency.

5) Predictive validity is an older technique.


Which training and development activity focuses on system-wide changes?

1) Employee development

2) Employee training

3) Career development

4) System development

5) Organization development


The contingent workforce consists of all of the following types of employees except _.

1) temporary employees

2) contract employees

3) just-in-time workers

4) core employees


Executive search firms concentrate on senior management positions.




Give some advice to your friend who is taking an overseas assignment for a large global organization.

1) Let the host country manager your performance appraisal if the culture is similar to yours.

2) Insist that the parent company your performance evaluations, even though there is little information available about the overseas office.

3) Make sure your performance evaluation is done with simple indices, such as gross sales.

4) Make sure the evaluation forms are filled out in English.

5) Try to have a third-country national on your performance evaluation team.


Minnie is interviewing for a job as a cheese tester. She is taken to the production line, and asked to taste and smell four different kinds of cheese coming from the conveyors. What stage of the selection process is involved?

1) Comprehensive interview.

2) Literacy test.

3) Work sampling.

4) Coaching.

5) This is just a break, not part of the process.


Jill is attending a workshop on job analysis techniques. She is studying which of these subjects?

1) Building replacement charts.

2) Documenting SWOTs.

3) Constructing a questionnaire.

4) Screening interviews for job candidates.

5) Verifying background checks.

Myron attended a retirement planning workshop last week. He is moving to the south to be with the grandkids. Identify Myron's career stage.

1) Decline

2) Exploration

3) Establishment

4) Late career

5) Transition

Which of the following is a good suggestion for career success?

1) Keep your accomplishments low key and hidden.

2) Don't do an internship related to your major.

3) Set a specific job target and don't settle for less.

4) Refuse help from parents or other successful professionals who want to introduce you to workers in your area.

5) Know your strengths and weaknesses.

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