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Case 2: Attempt all questions. Answer comprehensively as you can. Mary Corey's Case Mary Corey recently completed her fourth year with statewide...

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Apply at least two functional HRM areas by explaining how they are related to the case.  Be specific with your discussion.  

Case 2: AtempT all ques±ons. Answer comprehensively as you can. Mary Corey’s Case Mary Corey recenTly compleTed her fourTh year wiTh sTaTewide Services Corpora±on. In her posi±on as cosTumer supporT specialisT, she consisTenTly received high performance evalua±ons-un±l recenTly. Indeed, her mosT recenT evalua±on, compleTed Three weeks ago, raTed her as “Her supervisor, Helen Rowe, wondered why This previously sTrong employee had fallen so quickly. Helen had jusT reTurned from mee±ng wiTh her boss, Bety Allen, when again The subjecT of Mary came up. Bety suggesTed ThaT Helen look Through Mary’s pasT work records To Try To Fnd some clues abouT whaT happened and whaT They should do now. Helen closed The door To her o²ce, saT aT her desk, and pulled Mary’s personnel folder from her desk drawer. As she ³ipped Through The maTerials in The folder. Mary’s sTory came inTo beter focus. AbouT six monThs ago, around ChrisTmas±me, Mary’s sTarTed Taking longer lunch breaks. Given The cramped quarTers in which Helen’s CusTomer SupporT DeparTmenT work and demanding rou±nes They had To follow, iT was easy To no±ce Mary sTreTching her regular lunch period by 10 or 15 minuTes. Once she even sTreTched iT for a full 25 minuTes. Since iT was The holiday season, Helen Took no speciFc ac±on. However, her occasional remarks reminding Mary of The lunch break schedules would produce an uncharacTeris±cally evasive, defensive response from Mary. On aT leasT Two occasions, she nodded o´ To sleep aT her desk reTurning from lunch. In January and µebruary, she was 10 To 20 minuTes laTe for work on six di´erenT days and called in sick on four oTher days. IT was This ±me ThaT Mary’s dealing wiTh her coworkers deTerioraTed. Normally quiT yeT sociable, Mary’s became increasingly shorT Tempered and given To periodic ouTbursT of anger belligerence. Since Mary’s 36, was a single moTher of Two Teenage girls, almosT everyone in The o²ce assumed There was someThing going on aT home. On µebruary 23 rd , Though, Things Took a disTurbing Turn. Mary le¶ for lunch aT her usual ±me, buT did noT reTurn. She called in Three hours laTer To say she had gone home because she had suddenly become ill. Her speech seemed slurred, somehow noT quiTe righT. She reTurned To work Two days laTer, wiTh a docTor’s noTe explaining she had been sick wiTh a sTomach ³u. NoneTheless, The patern of laTeness con±nued. ·wo weeks laTer, Helen gave Mary her FrsT writen disciplinary no±ce regarding her atendance and puncTualiTy. During The discussion,
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Mary confessed to Helen: “I know I’ve been a liTle diFerent recently. I’m just having some problems at home with my children. “She didn’t elaborate, and Helen didn’t’ probe. ±or the next few weeks, Mary was on ²me every day and rarely le³ her desk during working hours. Her level of performance improved, as did her interac²on with coworkers. By April, however, Helen no²ced Mary slipping back into her nega²ve habits of lateness and irritability. Helen began to no²ce something else in Mary’s a³er-lunch behavior: She seemed to have real di´culty comple²ng her work, making decisions, and solving problems. On one occasion there was a big argument between her and several coworkers. Mary went home, claiming she was “too upset to work.’’ She con²nued coming in late to work and was absent on two successive Mondays. However, a³er each absence, she produced a doctor’s excuse. In early May, Helen issued a second wriTen warning, this one concerning not only Mary’s punctuality and aTendance, but also her deteriora²ng work performance. At this ²me, Helen made it clear that Mary’s con²nued employment was on the line: “I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re in danger of losing your job. I’ve tried to be understanding, but I’m losing my pa²ence. You need to get straightened up and soon, or I’ll have no choice but to let you go.” During the following weeks, Mary again improved her produc²vity and performance. She was obviously concerned about losing her job. By mid-July it was ²me for her formal performance evalua²on. Although her evalua²on was “less than sa²sfactory,” Helen did note that there had been some improvement in all areas recently. µhen, last week, the boTom fell out. On July 23 rd , Mary returned from lunch 45 minutes late, glassy-eyed and weaving slightly, fumbling with things and smelling strongly of peppermint. She sat at her desk for a full 20 minutes, rummaging through drawer, moving paper, nodding, spilling things, and crea²ng quite a distrac²on among the other employees. Helen came to her desk: Mary, what’s the maTer here? Something’s wrong, and you don’t seem able to work at all. Are you ill? Can you work? Are you drunk? µell me right now!” Mary slowly looked up, taking a while to focus on Helen. A³er what seemed like a minute or so, during which ²me she appeared to be again listening to Helen’s remarks, Mary burst into tears. She grabbed her purse, pushed and stumbled pas Helen, and le³. µhe next day, one of Mary’s children called in, saying Mary couldn’t work because she was “in bed sick” Helen checked and Mary had only three remaining days of accrued sick leave available to her. Mary did not return to work un²l today. She went to the ladies room for an hour. When she emerged, she went into Helen’s o´ce and asked for an immediate transfer to some other department “where the pressure isn’t so great.” She seemed very agitated and would not look Helen in the eye. Helen told her to return to her desk and pick up on her work as well as she could un²l Helen could look into things more closely.
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