Question 13A.) SymmetricB.) AsymmetricC.) ComputerD.) MobileQuestion 14A.) device-centricB.) process-centric

(CO 5) _____ algorithms provide no proof of identity of a message's originator.

(CO 5) A _____ model tries to account for the fluidity of data as they move from device to device.

C.) user-centric

D.) data-centric

Question 15

(CO 5) _____ can be the most powerful tool in protecting a data-centric mobile environment. In fact, it is the most data-centric of all of the security mechanisms.

A.) Data backups

B.) Authentication

C.) Quality of service

D.) Encryption

Question 16

(CO 5) The best attribute of _____ is that it can be independent of the device or transport mechanism used to move data. It can secure the data as they move from one device to another device.

A.) data backups

B.) authentication

C.) quality of service

D.) encryption

Question 17

(CO 5) In an environment in which mobile devices are self-selected by users or the organization has not yet implemented any technology to control the security configuration of mobile devices, a _____ allows the organization to protect the data, no matter what device is in use.

A.) security-centric

B.) encryption-centric

C.) user-centric

D.) data-centric

Question 18

(CO 6) Some mobile security controls are shaped by

A.) organization culture.

B.) policy.

C.) direct controls.

D.) management request.

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