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Please help on how to answer these questions Executive Summary on Risk Analysis   Learning Objectives and Outcomes Describe common concepts in information security, privacy and the law. You will learn how to present and justify risk analysis for assets in an organizational setting and will relate those findings to the basic security principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.   Requirements Refer to the case scenario that is provided tin the ISSC331 Unit-1-Executive-Summary-on-Risk-Analysis document. It includes the comprehensive asset list in order of importance of each asset. explain your list in an executive summary. This executive summary will be presented to the school's board of directors.   Much of the information you have analyzed will be technical in nature. First, without creating a full executive summary of the operation, summarize your findings in a simple bullet-point list. Then, assign a quantitative value to each asset by examining its numerical, measurable characteristics such as original cost, cost of replacement, loss of teaching skills or created information, school image and reputation.   This will allow you to organize your priorities, and be able to use that information for a full executive summary for presentation to the school's board of directors. 13607189

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Executive Summary Overview Premier Collegiate School is a private school with a student enrollment of 300 and 30 faculty members. There are two servers functioning in the school. one for the administration business. and one to serve student needs. There are 35 desktop PC used by teachers and students and one portable laptop used by the school principle. Enrolled students are required to provide privately owned laptop for their school work. An asset list is required with priorities based on their importance to the function of the school and the level of protection required for each asset. Premier Collegiate School asset list rr Asset Assessment Description [Critical-Major-Mlnnr] Server at 1 Systems/Application Administration Business Server #1 Student Applications Domain Systems/Application Domain Critical Critical Desktop Computer Workstation Domain Critical Administrative staff Notebook Computer School Principal Workstation Domain 5mm. Desktop Computer Teachers' Lounge Workstation Domain Notebook Computer Student-Owned Workstation Domain Desktop Computer Computer Lab Workstation Domain The provided asset list indicates the number of computer systems inventoried for the Premier Collegiate School. It provides a description of computer system. applicable IT domain. privacy data impact, and asset status to meets the confidentiality, integrity. and availability (CIA) triad core principles of information security.

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Executive Summary Overview Premier Collegiate School is a private school with a student enrollment of 300 and 30 faculty members. There are two...
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