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Just as quickly as new technology is developed, hackers find new ways to

disrupt operations. As a result, security is an ongoing endeavor in all organizations. Strategic planning can help organizations be prepared to address new daily threats to information security. Moreover, many of today's organizations are adopting virtualization as a way to reduce their footprint in hardware costs and to improve their backup system capabilities at the client and server levels. At the same time, virtualization poses security risks that organizations need to consider as part of their strategic planning process.
Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to locate and integrate at least two quality, academic resources (in addition to your textbook) on the role of strategic planning in mitigating information security threats, including those associated with virtualization. You may also use government websites, such as Cybersecurity from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 
As you write post, keep in mind your current organization's or a previous organization's strategic planning for information security, its infrastructure, and its training.

-Justify the importance of strategic planning to an organization's information security.
-Identify and describe the topics to be included in strategic planning for information security.
-Specifically describe the security threats associated with virtualization.
-Explain how strategic planning can help to mitigate the security threats associated with virtualization.
-Provide full citations and references, formatted according to Strayer Writing Standards.    

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Just as quickly as new technology is developed, hackers find new waysto disrupt operations.As a result, security isan ongoing endeavor in all...
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