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Gradability provides employability training to international and local

students. There are three core services that Gradability provides including the Professional Year Program, Performance Career Program, and ReadyGrad courses. Gradability has a number of operational systems used to deliver its core services. System integration is mission critical for business teams so that important information/data is transferred between systems automatically without the manual work. Although the system integration has been implemented and tested prior to the releases, issues were reported from time to time. Some issues were a result of human errors while some issues are caused by technical ones.

Background Information:
RTOManager is a student management CRM system used for managing students' enrolment, academic record management, timesheets and compliance reporting. Moodle system is a Learning Management System used for students for managing their assessments (e.g. online quizzes, in-class assessments, etc.)
2 .RTOManager and Moodle systems have been integrated by Gradability. With the system integration, RTOManager transfers student enrolment data to Moodle. Similarly, Moodle system transfers grades data to RTOManager. The data transfer and migration occurs every 24 hours. The method used for the integration is via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) technology. 

Issue Description:
An Academic Administrator reported an issue with grades that were not transferred to RTOManager although the students have already submitted their assessments in Moodle and they have been graded by the trainers. The administrator expects the assessment outcomes to be transferred within 24 hours as the students have completed their assessments three days ago. According to the initial analysis by the Help Desk Support, there are no error alerts to the system administrator. The connection and network are all working as expected. 

Key Stakeholders:
Academic Administrator, Operations Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Help Desk Support,

Do you think that the issue is caused by a user (e.g. lack of training), technical reasons (e.g. data lost), or others (e.g. incorrect business rules configured)? Describe the detailed steps that you would take to investigate and resolve the issue. 

Your manager has met with your team to discuss the issues highlighted in the above scenario.
You were commissioned to write a professional business report to investigate the issues raised, their impact on the business and suggest recommendations on possible short and long-term solutions. 
-Discuss the issues raised in the scenario within your group
- Come up with an approach to investigate these in your company
- Conduct a research on possible solutions
- Suggest recommendations to your manager 
Question:- Can u pls write down what we have to written in introduction

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Gradability provides employability training to international and local students. There are three core services that Gradability provides including...
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