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3.  Consider the octahedral complex ion, [CoF63-a) What is the d-type (dn63-b) Draw a strong fieldweak field63-

] to answer the next six questions.

) configuration for [CoF]? (Note: you need to answer this question correctly to be able to answer the questions that follow). 

and a crystal field splitting diagram for [CoF]. Label each diagram as either strong field or weak field. Your diagram should include the d-electrons. 

c) Label each diagram in answer (b) as either high spin or low spin

d) Given the ligand, F- which crystal field is expected? (Strong or weak)

e) If the ligand, NH3 was used instead of F- would you expect a greater Doct or a smaller Doct?

f) Determine the crystal field stabilization energy (CFSE) for [CoF6]3- in terms of the octahedral splitting parameter and the pairing energy for both the strong field and the weak field.

Strong field CFSE  =

Weak field CFSE =  

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3.Consider the octahedral complex ion, [CoF 6 ] 3- to answer the next six questions. a)What is the d-type (d n ) configuration for [CoF 6 ] 3- ?
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