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Chapter 1  1. "International Relations" encompasses a wide range...

Chapter 1 

1. "International Relations" encompasses a wide range of issues and actors. Identify several key players in the international scene. Justify your choices. (200 words)

2. Think of at least two ways that international economics affects your daily life?  Do you think those same influences are felt the same by everyone around the globe?  If so, what does that mean about the extent of globalization?  If not, what factors might explain why this varies? (200 words)


3. What is the distinction between zero-sum and non-zero-sum games and why, in your opinion, have international relations scholars found that distinction useful?  Can you think of a current event in international relations that is largely a zero-sum conflict and another which is largely a non-zero sum conflict?  Defend your answers with evidence.  (200 words)

4. What are the sources of power in International Relations ? What changes, if any, are occurring in the world which is altering the relative importance of the sources of power you have identified? (200 words)

5. The principle of sovereignty has been seen as fundamental in International Relations. What does the term mean?  What changes, in any, are occurring in the 21st century that challenge, the concept of sovereignty and is it  possible that it requires redefinition? If so, what should it mean? If not, why not? (200 words)

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