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1. You need to be able to open and read the text files that have been provided for the project. Write a Java

program that reads the driver.txt file and displays each data value for each line from the file to the screen in the following format:

Licence Number: value

Licence Class: value

First Name: value

Last Name: value

Address: value

Suburb: value

Postcode: value

Demerit Points: value

Licence Status: value

2. Write a Java class named Driver. The Driver class represents an individual driver.

The Driver class needs data fields for

• the Licence Number of the driver (a string)

• Licence Class of the driver (a string)

• First name of the driver (a string)

• Last name of the driver (a string)

• Address of the driver (a string)

• Suburb of the driver (a string)

• Demerit Points (a whole number)

• Licence Status (a string) Implement appropriate constructors, accessors, and mutators where necessary.

3. Modify the Java program from exercise 1 above so that it creates a Driver object for each line of the text file.

4. Modify the Java program from exercise 3 to utlise an array of Driver objects so that all of the Driver records from the file can be easily stored in memory. As each Driver object is created from the file place it into the array of Driver objects. To test that this process has worked, iterate through the Driver array after it has been populated with objects to display the Licence Number, First Name and Last Name of each object.

5. Repeat exercise 1 for the infringement text files from the Programming Project.

6. Write a Java program that displays the following menu to the screen and only terminates when option 5 is chosen by the user:

1. Display Drivers

2. Import Infringement File

3. Generate Suspension Report

4. Save Driver Records

5. Exit Program

When the user chooses menu item 1 to 4 the program should simply display the statement "You chose option #" and then redisplay the menu. Your program should only accept the input 1 through 5 from the user.

driver.txt below:

12345678,C,Bill,Board,1 Faul Street,Fairfield,2165,0,Valid

12345679,CR,Chester,Minit,1 Rae Cres,Bondi Junction,2022,0,Valid

12345680,C,Cody,Pendant,10 Belford Street,Campsie,2194,0,Valid

12345681,CR,Laura,Norder,10 Law Lane,Bankstown,2200,0,Valid

12345682,CR,Evelyn,Tent,10 Montrose Road,Leppington,2179,3,Valid

12345683,C,Peter,Case,10 Parkway Cres,Parramatta,2150,0,Valid

12345684,C,Samuel,Case,10 Parkway Cres,Parramatta,2150,9,Valid

12345685,C,Lou,Stooth,10 Penny Lane,Parramatta,2150,0,Valid

12345686,C,Bjorn,Dajoak,100 Humour Street,Fairfield,2165,0,Valid

12345687,MR,Mel,Lowe,102 Penny Lane,Campsie,2194,10,Valid

12345688,C,Dina,Phirst,103 City Road,Cronulla,2230,0,Valid

12345689,CR,Simone,Brown,1089 Long Road,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345690,C,Basil,Smithers,1089 Long Road,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345691,C,Lee,Vitoff,11 Cowpasture Road,Leppington,2179,0,Valid

12345692,C,Tim,Smith,114 Lygon Street,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345693,C,Juan,Moment,119 Moira Way,Miranda,2228,13,Suspended

12345694,C,Neil,Downe,12 Kneeling Way,Cronulla,2230,0,Valid

12345695,C,Anna,Rack,123 Williams Drive,Leppington,2179,6,Valid

12345696,C,Robert,Smith,14 Lygon Street,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345697,C,Harrison,Fire,15 Bryson Ave,Fairfield,2165,0,Valid

12345698,C,Carrie,Micote,153 Jacket Road,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345699,C,Cathy,Smith,157/2 Shingle Lane,Campsie,2194,15,Suspended

12345700,C,Alan,Quay,16 Hex Place,Penrith,2750,0,Valid

12345701,MR,Jay,Walker,16 Jacaranda Drive,Eaglevale,2560,0,Valid

12345702,C,Hughe,DeMann,17 Brunker Drive,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

12345703,C,Thomas,Smith,1834 Lygon Street,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345704,C,Tim,Smith,19 Lygon Street,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345705,C,Elizabeth,Turner,19 Tallship Drive,Glebe,2037,6,Valid

12345706,C,Ben,Down,21 High Street,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

12345707,C,Ida,Down,21 High Street,Miranda,2228,13,Suspended

12345708,CR,Flo,Tinaway,21 River Road,Miranda,2228,6,Valid

12345709,C,Samuel,Smith,210 River Road,Glebe,2037,0,Valid

12345710,C,Emma,Fraid,212 Screaming Street,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

12345711,C,Ellis,Dee,23 High Street,Eaglevale,2560,0,Valid

12345712,C,Bill,Ding,23 House Street,Campsie,2194,0,Valid

12345713,CR,Ayma,Moron,23 Janet Street,Leppington,2179,0,Valid

12345714,C,Gill,Tedd,230 Everton Road,Bondi Junction,2022,0,Valid

12345715,C,Ben,Dover,27 Bent Road,Glebe,2037,0,Valid

12345716,C,Helen,Back,27 Happy Street,Cronulla,2230,0,Valid

12345717,C,Izzy,Back,27 Happy Street,Cronulla,2230,1,Valid

12345718,C,Joel,Rebocks,3 Benny Cres,Bankstown,2200,0,Valid

12345719,C,Eve,Hill,3 Park Ave,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345720,C,Emma,Grates,32 Melissa Ave,Bondi Junction,2022,0,Valid

12345721,C,Barb,Dwyer,33 Kemp Street,Rockdale,2216,10,Valid

12345722,C,Holly,Dayin,34 Donald Drive,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345723,C,Pam,Smith,34 Lygon Street,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345724,C,Mick,Stup,354 Far West Drive,Glebe,2037,0,Valid

12345725,C,Paige,Turner,356 Book Lane,Canterbury,2193,9,Valid

12345726,C,Bev,Ridge,4 Monitor Road,Campsie,2194,0,Valid

12345727,C,Georgie,Turner,423 Pacific Road,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345728,C,William,Turner,423 Pacific Road,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345729,C,Ike,Entell,432 Madison Drive,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

12345730,C,Lou,Pole,437 Merideth Street,Miranda,2228,8,Valid

12345731,C,Anita,Bath,44 Mears Road,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

12345732,C,Dee,Zaster,51 Hurricane Way,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345733,C,Amy,Stake,52 Florida Ave,Bondi Junction,2022,8,Valid

12345734,C,Hugo,First,54 Trent Street,Leppington,2179,0,Valid

12345735,C,Illay,Downe,543/12 Bents Road,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345736,C,Beau,Vine,544 Wilton Street,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

12345737,C,Cybil,Wrights,554 Madison Drive,Cronulla,2230,0,Valid

12345738,C,Dwayne,Pipes,56 Park Ave,Rockdale,2216,13,Suspended

12345739,C,Hugh,Manatee,567 Indian Ocean Road,Glebe,2037,0,Valid

12345740,C,Richard,Whyte,57 Straight Street,Cronulla,2230,0,Valid

12345741,C,Jaqueline,Hyde,59 Park Ave,Cronulla,2230,7,Valid

12345742,C,Amos,Kitow,6 Swamp Lane,Miranda,2228,14,Suspended

12345743,C,Samantha,Brown,62 Highland Way,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345744,C,Cameron,Smith,65 Lygon Street,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345745,C,Kay,Oss,66 Ridge Street,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345746,C,Adam,Sapple,67 Kemp Street,Rockdale,2216,0,Valid

12345747,C,Justin,Case,67 Plan Circuit,Bondi Junction,2022,0,Valid

12345748,C,Lee,Nover,7 Russell Ave,Fairfield,2165,0,Valid

12345749,C,Casey,Deeya,71 Princess Road,Campsie,2194,0,Valid

12345750,C,Horace,Cope,76 Princeton Ave,Bankstown,2200,1,Valid

12345751,C,Carrie,Dowt,8 Cynthia Way,Bondi Junction,2022,0,Valid

12345752,C,Meghan,Smith,81 Small Place,Arncliffe,2205,0,Valid

12345753,C,Noah,Count,87 Terence Street,Cronulla,2230,0,Valid

12345754,C,Jim,Pansey,871 Murray Street,Bondi Junction,2022,0,Valid

12345755,C,Ann,Teek,99 Brunker Drive,Miranda,2228,0,Valid

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