Question: Here are the files I have already completed. **** import java.
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Question:JAVA I need help fixing a driver class for my program. 

Here are the files I have

already completed.


import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;

public class RescueAnimal {

  // Class variables

  private String name;

  private String type;

  private String gender;

  private int age;

  private float weight;

  private SimpleDateFormat acquisitionDate;

  private SimpleDateFormat statusDate;

  private String acquisitionSource;

  private Boolean reserved;

  private String trainingLocation;

  private SimpleDateFormat trainingStart;

  private SimpleDateFormat trainingEnd;

  private String trainingStatus;

  private String inServiceCountry;

  private String inServiceCity;

  private String inServiceAgency;

  private String inServicePOC;

  private String inServiceEmail;

  private String inServicePhone;

  private String inServicePostalAddress;

  // Constructor

  public RescueAnimal() {



  public String getName() {

    return name;


   public void setName(String name) { = name;


   public String getType() {

    return type;


   public void setType(String type) {

    this.type = type;


   public String getGender() {

    return gender;


   public void setGender(String gender) {

    this.gender = gender;


   public int getAge() {

    return age;


   public void setAge(int age) {

    this.age = age;


   public float getWeight() {

    return weight;


   public void setWeight(float weight) {

    this.weight = weight;


   public SimpleDateFormat getAcquisitionDate() {

    return acquisitionDate;


   public void setAcquisitionDate(SimpleDateFormat acquisitionDate) {

    this.acquisitionDate = acquisitionDate;


   public SimpleDateFormat getStatusDate() {

    return statusDate;


   public void setStatusDate(SimpleDateFormat statusDate) {

    this.statusDate = statusDate;


   public String getAcquisitionSource() {

    return acquisitionSource;


   public void setAcquisitionSource(String acquisitionSource) {

    this.acquisitionSource = acquisitionSource;


   public Boolean getReserved() {

    return reserved;


   public void setReserved(Boolean reserved) {

    this.reserved = reserved;


   public String getTrainingLocation() {

    return trainingLocation;


   public void setTrainingLocation(String trainingLocation) {

    this.trainingLocation = trainingLocation;


   public SimpleDateFormat getTrainingStart() {

    return trainingStart;


   public void setTrainingStart(SimpleDateFormat trainingStart) {

    this.trainingStart = trainingStart;


   public SimpleDateFormat getTrainingEnd() {

    return trainingEnd;


   public void setTrainingEnd(SimpleDateFormat trainingEnd) {

    this.trainingEnd = trainingEnd;


   public String getTrainingStatus() {

    return trainingStatus;


   public void setTrainingStatus(String trainingStatus) {

    this.trainingStatus = trainingStatus;


   public String getInServiceCountry() {

    return inServiceCountry;


   public void setInServiceCountry(String inServiceCountry) {

    this.inServiceCountry = inServiceCountry;


   public String getInServiceCity() {

    return inServiceCity;


   public void setInServiceCity(String inServiceCity) {

    this.inServiceCity = inServiceCity;


   public String getInServiceAgency() {

    return inServiceAgency;


   public void setInServiceAgency(String inServiceAgency) {

    this.inServiceAgency = inServiceAgency;


   public String getInServicePOC() {

    return inServicePOC;


   public void setInServicePOC(String inServicePOC) {

    this.inServicePOC = inServicePOC;


   public String getInServiceEmail() {

    return inServiceEmail;


   public void setInServiceEmail(String inServiceEmail) {

    this.inServiceEmail = inServiceEmail;


   public String getInServicePhone() {

    return inServicePhone;


   public void setInServicePhone(String inServicePhone) {

    this.inServicePhone = inServicePhone;


   public String getInServicePostalAddress() {

    return inServicePostalAddress;


   public void setInServicePostalAddress(String inServicePostalAddress) {

    this.inServicePostalAddress = inServicePostalAddress;




public class Dog extends RescueAnimal {

  // Class variable

  public String breed;

  // Constructor

  public Dog() {


  // Accessor Method

  public String getBreed() {

    return breed;


  // Mutator Method

  public void setBreed(String dogBreed) {

    breed = dogBreed;




public class Monkey extends RescueAnimal{


   enum Species{




   private float taillength,height,bodyLength,torsoLength,skullLength,neckLength;


   Species species;

  public float getTaillength() {

    return taillength;


  public void setTaillength(float taillength) {

    this.taillength = taillength;


  public float getHeight() {

    return height;


  public void setHeight(float height) {

    this.height = height;


  public float getBodyLength() {

    return bodyLength;


  public void setBodyLength(float bodyLength) {

    this.bodyLength = bodyLength;


  public float getTorsoLength() {

    return torsoLength;


  public void setTorsoLength(float torsoLength) {

    this.torsoLength = torsoLength;


  public float getSkullLength() {

    return skullLength;


  public void setSkullLength(float skullLength) {

    this.skullLength = skullLength;


  public float getNeckLength() {

    return neckLength;


  public void setNeckLength(float neckLength) {

    this.neckLength = neckLength;


  public Species getSpecies() {

    return species;


  public void setSpecies(Species species) {

    this.species = species;



Here is the file that I need help with.

public class Driver {

  public static void main(String[] args) {

    // Class variables

    // Create New Dog

    // Create New Monkey

    // Method to process request for a rescue animal

    // Method(s) to update information on existing animals

    // Method to display matrix of aninmals based on location and status/training phase

    // Method to add animals

    // Method to out process animals for the farm or in-service placement

    // Method to display in-service animals

    // Process reports from in-service agencies reporting death/retirement



Additional information :

Software Requirements We desire a software application that will help us track the animals we are currently training and the animals that have been placed into service. Here are some specifics: • Ability to process requests for a rescue animal: In this case, we would receive the type of animal the customer wants and the country where the customer resides. If we have an animal in training in their country, we can reserve that animal for the customer. • Ability to update any information we have on our animals • Ability to see what animals we have in each phase at each location, including "intake" and "farm" • Ability to add animals (intake) • Ability to transfer service animals to the farm or place in-service • Ability to view which animals are in-service • Ability to process and receive reports from in-service agencies on the retirement or death of their rescue animal.


Our Process We obtain dogs from local breeders and animal shelters. Each dog goes through a six- to ninemonth training regimen before they are put into service. Grazioso Salvare uses the term "service" to indicate that an animal has been provided to a client. Once put into service, the animals are considered rescue animals. A rescue animal, sometimes referred to as a search and rescue animal, is trained to rescue other animals or humans from difficult (or even lifethreatening) situations. Part of our process is to record and track several data points about the rescue animals.

Dogs are given the status of "intake" before training starts. Once in training, they move through a set of five rigorous phases: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV, and Phase V. While in training, a dog is given the status of its current training phase (e.g., "Phase I"). When a dog graduates from training, it is given the status of "in service" and is eligible for use by clients. If a dog does not successfully make it through training, it is given the status of "farm," indicating that it will live a life of leisure on a Grazioso Salvare farm. We currently have a farm at each of our training facilities, so there is no need to relocate animals.

Our Vision In recent years, law enforcement agencies from several countries have expressed an interest in obtaining and training rescue animals that are more capable than a traditional rescue dog. Though dogs have proven very capable, recent research indicates that primates have higher levels of attention and greater potential to perform rescue functions. To support this demand, we started training monkeys to become rescue animals. We currently have 19 monkeys of various species in the training pipeline. To date, no monkeys have been put into service as rescue animals.

The Animals Through years of experience, we have narrowed the list of dog breeds eligible for rescue training to the following:

• American pit bull terrier • Beagle • Belgian Malinois • Border collie • Bloodhound • Coonhound • English springer spaniel • German shepherd • German shorthaired pointer • Golden retriever • Labrador retriever • Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever • Rough collie • Smooth collie

When we acquire a dog, we record the breed, gender, age, weight, date, and the location where we obtained them. There is usually a short lag time between when we acquire a dog and when they start training, which we document as well. Additionally, we track graduation dates, dates dogs are placed into "service," and details about the dogs' in-service placement (agency, city, country, and name, email address, phone number, and mailing address for the agency's point of contact).

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