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Ok so the assignment is call the bunker assignment. Basically you

can only pick FIVE people from the list below to stay with you in the bunker. Please provide an explanation as to why they would be beneficial in the bunker with you.

1. Paolo, Italian, 35, married, one child (Bobby), no religious affiliation. In good health, active physically, enjoys politics, very friendly, but homophobic.
2. Agata,18, trans-woman. She lives with her parents who are Jehovah's witnesses and do not support her transition. She does not want any medical interventions. She is at University studying art history. 6 months ago she was diagnosed as having schizophrenia.
3. Greg Dane. Jewish, 38, BS and MS in psychology, counselor in a mental health clinic, good health, one child (Bobby), active in community activities.
4. Bobby Dane, Jewish, 10, attended special education classes for 4 years, mentally challenged, IQ of 70, good health, enjoys pets.
5. Marcus, German, 27, trans-man. He is HIV positive. He works as a psychiatric nurse with vulnerable adolescents. Marcus has 2 children, aged 5 and 6, who live with him but are not here at the moment.
6. Maria, Spanish, 33, raised Catholic, mature Individual, exotic dancer, prostitute, good health, in a foster home as a child, was attacked by foster father at age of 12, ran away from home, has a child, 3 weeks old (Sandra).
7. Sandra, three weeks old, Spanish-French, good health, nursing.
8. Jovan Mali, Croatian tourist visiting Edinburgh, 32, Catholic, BA and MA in primary education, teacher, divorced with one child (Tina), good health, outstanding teacher, enjoys working with children.
9. Tina Mali, Croatian, 8, Catholic, primary school, excellent Individual, good health.
10. Clara, Romani (Gypsy), 21, no children, good health, enjoys outdoors sports, grew up in Serbia.
11. Eva, Polish, 21, hard working Individual in dentistry, she is also a nurse.
12. Lord Flanagan. Irish, 75, Catholic, psychologist, MBP, active in civil rights activities, criticized for his liberal views, good health, former athlete.
13. Dr. Lee. Asian-British, 66, general practitioner, has had two heart attacks in the past 5 years, but continues to practice medicine.
14. Pauline, 14, pre-op trans-woman. She is still at school. She has a lot of support from her family regarding her transition and has recently started going out in her female role.
15. Martin, Male, American, Black, 32, ex-military, discharged for PTSD, mechanical engineer, physically very big, strong, pleasant personality, willing to help with anything physical, carries a gun at all times. 

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Basically you can only pick FIVE people from the list below to stay with you in the bunker. Paolo, Italian, 35, married, one child (Bobby), no...
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