Protecting Your Trademark ENHANCING YOUR RIGHTS THROUGH FEDERAL REGISTRATION Basic Facts About Trademarks United States Patent and Trademark Office...
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***BUSINESS LAW***Please discuss the following 3 topics1. Discuss trademarks and trademark infringement.

2. Discuss trade names, service marks, and collective marks and post an example of each.

3. Discuss copyrights, copyright law, and copyright protection.

*** There is NO required word count, this is just a discussion so possibly a couple sentences for each topic. Just as long as each is explained.

*** No required format, a simple word document is good.

Please use websites for reference from the USA. I have also attached a PDF document with information.

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Protecting Your Trademark Basic Facts About Trademarks United States Patent and Trademark Office ENHANCING YOUR RIGHTS THROUGH FEDERAL REGISTRATION
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MESSAGE FROM THE USPTO Tank you for requesting a copy of this booklet. We offer many more resources on the ±rademarks Home page ( ). If you decide to file a trademark application, we strongly encourage you to file electronically and to authorize the USP±O to communicate with you by e-mail. Our website resources For general information and links to Frequently Asked Questions, processing timelines, the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) , and the Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual (ID Manual) . ±rademark Information Network (±MIN) Videos Tools Search pending and registered marks using the ±rademark Electronic Search System (±ESS) . File applications and other documents online using the ±rademark Electronic Application System (±EAS) . Check the status of an application and view and download application and registration records using ±rademark Status and Document Retrieval (±SDR) (combining ±ARR and ±DR). ±ransfer (assign) ownership of a mark to another entity or change the owner name and search the assignments database . Visit the ±rademark ±rial and Appeal Board (±±AB) online.
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