I hope you are doing great! So, I have a writing prompt on 'How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents' and its about analyzing how a character...

Hi! I hope you are doing great! So, I have a writing prompt on "How

the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents" and its about analyzing how a character develops over the book. I have to discuss what motivates the character (1), how these motivations impact the characters interactions with other characters (2), and explain how this character advances the plot of the text by describing an action that moves the plot in a different direction or towards resolution (3). I picked Yolanda as my character, and I was wondering if you could tell me if I'm on the right track using the shortened summaries of my ideas for these parts. I am not sure whether the character development is highlighted in my response. What is a way that I could emphasize it more and improve my answer for #2? Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!

-Motivations---- She is motivated by her love for literature--it keeps her going and is what she enjoys doing. She is motivated by the versatility of language and is fascinated by the idea of love.
-In America, these motivations by love and literature contribute to her heightened creativity and imagination which impact her interactions w others bc she is more unrealistic and irrational. She gets into toxic relations and sticks with them due to her obsession with the idea of love itself. (Then I'll relate this to her relationship with Rudy and how it was very dangerous but her infatuation with the idea of love leads to her attachment to him.
- Yolanda gets in a relationship with a man that speaks a different language from her. This causes them to have ineffective communication and they are constantly saying words that the other does not understand. This essentially led to the diminishing value of words and language in Yolanda's eyes and her eventual mental breakdown. She no longer knew how to communicate with others and her identity was fragmented--all that she had ever known in her life had disappeared and she was left with a black hole of nothingness and insecurity inside.

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