I am a teacher, hoping for fastest way to get answer key for some...

I am a teacher, hoping for fastest way to get answer key for some Murder on the Orient Express reading questions.

Chapter Two


  1. What happens when Poirot reaches his hotel?
  2. Who does he meet in the restaurant?
  3. Who interests him in the restaurant?
  4. What is unusual about the train at this time of year?
  5. How long will the trip take?


Chapter Three


  1. Who does he see in the dining car at lunch?
  2. What does Ratchett ask of him?
  3. What is Poirot's response?


Chapter Four


1.       Where is Poirot staying now?

2.       What wakens Poirot?

3.       What does he do, see and hear?

4.       What time is it?


Chapter Five


1.  Why can't Poirot sleep?

2.  What time does he look at his watch?

3.  What does the conductor tell Poirot about Mrs. Hubbard?

4.  Why has the train stopped?

5.  What does he see when he gets out of bed again?

6.  Why is everyone upset the next morning?

7.  Where have they stopped?

8.  Why does M. Bouc call for him?

9.  Who is Constantine?

10.   What did they discover when they go to look at the body?

11.   What does Bouc ask Poirot?

12.   What do they determine about the murderer?


Chapter Six


1.      Who does he question first?

2.      Is this person surprised about Ratchett's death?

3.      What is his connection to Ratchett?

4.      What is his theory about Ratchett?

5.      What does MacQueen show Poirot?

6.      Did MacQuenn like Ratchett?


Chapter Seven


1.      Where does he go after the interview?

2.      What does he find?

3.      What is odd about the wounds?

4.      What else do they learn?

5.      What else does he find?

6.      What does he discover about the burned paper?

7.      What did Poirot figure out about Ratchett?


Chapter Eight


1.       What are the details of the Armstrong case?

2.       What happened to Cassetti?


Part Two Chapter One

1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  What did he see?


Chapter Two


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  How does he react to Ratchett's true identity?

3.                  What is his connection to the Armstrongs?

4.                  What did he do that night?


Chapter Three


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  Who does he stay with?

3.                  Who does he say knows about the murder?


Chapter Four


1.                   What does Mrs. Hubbard say?

2.                   What is her evidence?

3.                   Why doesn't she know where the man went?

4.                   What is her clue?


Chapter Five


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  What is her story?


Chapter Six


1.                   What does Pierre Michel say about the button?

2.                   Who is questioned next?

3.                   Does she know the Armstrongs?


Chapter Seven


1.                  Who is next to be questioned?

2.                  What does the Count add to the evidence?

3.                  What is unusual about his wife's passport?

4.                  What does Elena add?


Chapter Eight


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  What is he asked?

3.                  What evidence does Poirot find out about him?

4.                  What does the Colonel say he noticed?


Chapter Nine


1.                  Who is next to be questioned?

2.                  Who is he?

3.                  What is the description of the possible assailant?


Chapter Ten


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  What is his job?

3.                  Who suspects him?


Chapter Eleven


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  How does she act?

3.                  What does she do for a living?

4.                  What character is worried? Why?


Chapter Twelve


1.                  Who is questioned next?

2.                  What important information does she have?


Chapter Thirteen


1.                   What are the two possibilities about the time of the murder?

2.                   Does the conductor exist? Who is he?

3.                   What does Poirot believe about the murderers?

4.                   What do they decide to do?

5.                   Who comes in while they are searching? What does she have?


Chapter Fourteen


1.                   Have they found the murder weapon?

2.                   What does Mrs. Hubbard insist?

3.                   What do the men do?


Chapter Fifteen


1.                  What are they doing now?

2.                  What is found in the Colonel's luggage?

3.                  What does Poirot question Miss Debenham about?

4.                  Where do they find the conductor's uniform?

5.                  How did the conductor get into the compartments?

6.                  Where did he find the kimono?




Chapter One


1.                  What significant clue does MacQueen give?

2.                  What does this clue mean?

3.                  What piece of evidence is he focused on now?

4.                  What has he discovered about everyone's alibis?

Chapter Two


1.                  What are the ten things that need an explanation?

2.                  What is Poirot going to do to solve these puzzles?


Chapter Three


1.                  How long is Poirot silent and thinking?

2.                  Does he think he has the solution?

3.                  What must he do to get answers?

4.                  What are his thoughts?

5.                  What is he thinking about the grease stain?

6.                  What clue leads him to this conclusion?

7.                  What does he think is the method for murder?

8.                  What does Poirot think about the letters?

9.                  What does he think about the burned letter?

10.               What does he think about the pipe cleaner and handkerchief?

11.               What does the grease stain indicate?


Chapter Four


1.                   Who does Poirot talk to after dinner?

2.                   What does he talk to them about?

3.                   Why did she alter her passport?

4.                   Is it her handkerchief?

5.                   What else does he ask her?


Chapter Five


1.                   What does Bouc think about the Countess?

2.                   Who do they see next?

3.                   What does she admit?

4.                   What do the men think about the passengers?


Chapter Six


1.                  Who do they question next?

2.                  What is he asked about?

3.                  What does Poirot really want to know?

4.                  Does the Colonel tell him?

5.                  What did Poirot figure out about Miss Debenham?

6.                  What does he do next?

Chapter Seven


1.                   Does Miss Debenham admit she worked for the Armstrongs'?

2.                   Why did she keep this a secret?

3.                   How does she react when he asks again about what she was talking about?

4.                   What does the Colonel do?


Chapter Eight


1.                  What does Bouc say?

2.                  What does Poirot say about the Italian?

3.                  Who is the Swedish lady?

4.                  Who comes in nest?

5.                  What does he say?

6.                  Who is next?

7.                  What does Poirot do next?


Chapter Nine


1.                  What are Poirot's two solutions?

2.                  Who killed Ratchett?

3.                  What does Bouc decide to do about the crime?

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