Life of Pie by  Yann MartelChapter 1-203 interesting discussion points raised by my peers were:

2 questions I have about the direction the novel will take:

1 connection I can make between this section of the novel and The Kite Runner is:

Chapter 1-40

3 interesting points raised in discussion about CHARACTER:

2 links to characters from The Kite Runner:

1 issue I want to talk:

Chapter 1-60

3 interesting objects/symbols/motifs shared in discussion:

2 topic links made:  

  1. Book Club Novel Topic:

  1. The Kite Runner Topic:

1 opinion on the usefulness of the T.E.N.s to foster discussion:

Chapter 1-80

3 topics raised in discussion (for both the Book Club novel and The Kite Runner):

2 viable theme statements:

  • for the Book Club novel:

  • for The Kite Runner:

1 area worthy of further investigation in either text:

Chapter 1-100

3 significant ideas raised through the graphic organizers

2 skills I will carry forward in Grade 12

1 reflection on the Book Club experience in English 3U:

Answer & Explanation

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