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Samuel Johnson (2013) highlights the importance of the Archangel...

Samuel Johnson (2013) highlights the importance of the Archangel Michael's prophecy and it connection with what he calls "the great action" in Milton's Paradise lost (see page 1354). He also claims that epic poetry such as Paradise lost undertake to teach the most important truths by the most pleasing precepts and therefore relates some great event in the most affecting manner (p.1351). Relate these observations to the conversation between Michael, Adam, and Eve on the pages assigned (924-927) taking into account the diction and rhythm of the poem. be sure to quote and cite. Write an entry which demonstrates how in "A Modest Proposal" Johnathan Swift meets the criteria set forth by John Dryden in "A discourse concerning the origin and progress of a satire. The Norton Anthology English Literature 9th edition. Please I need help in writing these two assignment.

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Ann Fleming 06/12/2014 ENL 1000 Sonnet 30 This Sonnet is a personal example of when I am alone sitting at home. I wonder about my past and get all emotional, I wish I could start all over again I would do things differently. “I summon up remembrance of things past” (P.543). I would sit and think about all the things that I wanted to do and the things I did not achieved. “I sigh the lack of many thing I sought”. (P.543). Sometime I would cry about my life and think of all the valuable time I lost, “And with old woe new wail my dear time wasted”. I would think about my girlfriend Bernadette who pasted away at the age 30. “For precious friends hid in death’s dateless night”. (P.543). Then all those good memories that we share together growing up in the same neighborhood, hanging out and parting together, and then I start to smile to myself . “And weep afresh loves long since canceled woe”. (P.543). The poem shows that Shakespeare was overwhelmed with emotions of depression and sadness, because he did not get to do all the things emotional or physical that he wanted out of life, plus all the time he wasted over the lifetime. Remembering his past grievance cause him to cry and “grief” for a friend that he may have lost or perhaps someone of a past love affairs. When he thinks about this person all good memories of this person makes him feel happy or his joy comes back to him.
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