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1. Many female characters (Clarissa Dalloway, Lady Millicent...

1. Many female characters (Clarissa Dalloway, Lady Millicent Burton, Sally Seton, Doris Kilman, Lucrezia Smith, etc.) in various stages of life and from various classes occupy the pages of Woolf’s novel.  How do these characters reflect the prescribed and changing roles of women in the 1920s? What is Woolf’s purpose for including this range of women?  How does the depiction of these different female characters work to support the theme(s) in Woolf’s novel?


Mrs. Dalloway ends with Peter gazing in both terror and ecstasy at Clarissa. Is this a positive ending? Why or why not?

Also, what do think happens after the novel closes? Write the next paragraph that follows Woolf's ending. In other words, in your paragraph, write what happens after Peter looks at Clarissa.

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