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I have to compare and contrast two authors: Nathaniel Hawthorne and Flannery O'Connor

1. Compare and contrast the two authors listed

2. Compare and contrast their works (stories)

3. Compare and contrast their approach to litterature

The works of Hawthorne covered in my textbook are: "Young Goodman Brown", "The Minister's Black Veil",  and "The Birthmark"

The works of O'Connor covered in my textbook are: "A Good Man Is Hard To Find", "Good Country People", and "Revelation"

***Word count - 300-350

***My textbook is The Bedford Introduction to Literature - Reading, Thinking, Writing 10th Edition (pages 373 - 475)

It would be most helpful if someone has this book

Please also talk about the perspectives of each author

I believe you can view the works of each author on I really need help with this but do not know how you can view my textbook. I am sure there is much information on the internet. Please view USA websites only.

Thank you in advance and please ask me any questions asap.

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