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1.Define Change Management and describe the impact that change...

1.Define Change Management and describe the impact that change management can have on processes, people and systems

2.Define Mergers and give two examples of mergers in HIM.

3.Real-World Case 19.1

Central Community Hospital hired Susan Davis as the new manager to work in the health information management (HIM) department. One of the first items Susan reviewed was the workflow process for how documents were handled between the intake department and HIM. The intake department is responsible for assuring all documentation needed for a new admission to the hospital is received from the clinic that is admitting the patient. She noticed that the two departments were managing a lot of the same work, which created duplicate documents in patient charts. She noticed that intake would send documents to HIM that they (intake) already scanned. HIM would then see the documents come through, and scan them as well, but also created a copy to send to the utilization nurse who is responsible for ensuring that reimbursement authorizations are in place and managed. When Susan asked intake about why they sent the documents to HIM, the answer was "because that's how it has always been done." When thinking about other ways the situation could be handled, Susan came up with the following ideas:

  • Have intake scan the documents into the EHR, and then hand the copy to the utilization review nurse, leaving HIM out of the process for this particular situation all together; or
  • Once intake is done with the document, do not scan into the chart, rather hand it directly over to HIM, and continue with the rest of the process.


  1. What is the process Susan is examining?

  1. What is the step called when Susan introduces the formal process of implementing a new change?

  1. What type of analysis would Susan conduct before implementing the change?

4.Real-World Case 19.2

A small community hospital in a rural area of Alaska is seeing an increase in their patient population in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. In reviewing the data for the increase the chief executive officer (CEO) noticed that it is due to a large project—the construction of a dam on a nearby lake. In speaking with the city administrator it was determined that an additional 2,000 people are in the town for the two-year duration of this project. The hospital CEO determines that by midyear the operating units of the hospital need to make adjustments to their budgets. They have the need for an increase in employee overtime, supplies, equipment, and part-time hires.


What budgets need to be looked at with this increase of population?

What is the potential impact on staff time with this change to normal business operations?

How could the hospital have prepared for this situation?

5.The hospital that you work for has decided to upgrade the HIM systems. You have been asked to lead the team in the selection process. Explain the process that you will use in the selection and implementation of the system.

6.The HIM director in the following situations have been approached by administration with personnel budget concerns and given constraints to apply. Review the budgeting issues presented and make calculations as appropriate.

1. The HIM director, Lisa, has been given $15,000.00 for the overtime needed to catch up on the loose filing. If the average salary of the HIM clerical staff is $15.75, how many hours of overtime can be worked?

2. The HIM director, Carlotta, has been given $23,500.00 to hire temporary employees. If the temporary agency is charging $28.00 per hour, how many hours of temporary help will be available to Carlotta's department?

7.Explain cash basis accounting?

8.Explain budget variances?


9.Summarize the methodologies used in project management

10What steps are taken when choosing a vendor or contractor?

What are some areas that a vendor or contractor may be used in HIM?

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