Landmark Dining: Team Processes Landmark Dining, Inc. (Landmark) is

a family-owned and operated steak and seafood restaurant small business in south Texas. The first restaurant, Harrisburg Station, and its associated catering business, Harrisburg Station Catering, are located in one of the oldest standing landmarks in Houston—a train station built in 1857 in the small settlement then known as Harrisburg. The second restaurant, Texas Lightkeeper, is located in a restored lighthouse built in 1853 in Galveston. Landmark restaurants offer an exceptional dining experience at a good value to the Houston and Galveston metropolitan areas. As a key strategic challenge, the availability of skilled, motivated employees is essential to Landmark's competitive success factor of superior service and to its Value of Employee Development. To address that challenge, a focus on teamwork and the development of employees improves service and reduces turnover. Until the early 1990s, work and jobs were organized according to accepted industry practices. Employees were hired for specific jobs, worked specific hours, and had very little input into how tasks were performed. With the initiation of a formal Strategic Planning Process and the articulation of its Vision, Mission, and Values, Landmark began to develop innovative processes to manage work and jobs in support of high performance. In order to facilitate cooperation and empowerment, employees in all business divisions, including Catering, Dinner Delivery Service, and Administration, are organized in empowered process teams that align with its key processes. Each team is responsible for its own scheduling and process improvement, and each has a member in the role of team leader. The team leader is not considered a part of management, but is compensated for assuming required extra duties, including (1) ensuring the team schedule is developed, (2) training new employees and providing refresher training for all team members, (3) monitoring and coordinating improvement of the team's processes (including reporting metrics), and (4) providing input for team members' performance appraisals. 

Assignment: You are a business consultant. What can I propose to the company in how teams can best accomplish their work in ensuring that process requirements are accomplished. Address such issues as team membership and roles and team processes in your response. Your memo should include at least three specific, actionable, objectively measurable recommendations. 

Subject: Business, Management
Landmark Dining: Team ProcessesLandmark Dining, Inc. (Landmark) is a family-ownedand operated steak and seafood restaurant small business in south...
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