I always feel refreshed when I go to work in the morning, because

my office is inside a sports arena! My workday begins sometime between 6:45 and 7:15 a.m., because I have found that the best time to get busy work done is before and after hours. Developing great sales people is a pillar of my management philosophy, so I usually send out an email to rally the troops by setting goals for the day or providing a tip on sales techniques or sales strategy. Blogs and social media provide so many great resources for sales and motivational content that these morning e-mails become easy to produce and have great value. I also like to set the pace for our current sales staff and managers and lead by example illustrating the importance of work ethic and time management. I have found it is a much better message. I say and as I do rather than to simply what I say.
My current position varies from when I was actively selling prospective clients. Now my days are constantly in flux. I have a variety of weekly meetings that I attend as well as meetings that are more impromptu. What I view as two vital disciplines of my current job are communication and mentorship. So I make sure to take any information that is important for the managers and reps to be more successful at driving our business and communicate that either immediately (if time sensitive) or in weekly sales manager and staff meetings. I also have standing meetings each week that allow us to collaborate cross- departmentally as an organization. We have a standing 9:00 a.m. Monday executive staff meeting, each department head gives an update, and we parlay the updates into discussions about how we can support the important initiatives.
Analytics has become a vital business discipline, as much of the methodology of how we price seats as well as assess the performance of certain sales leads as well as rep efficiency come from analytical research. Thus, I am meeting with our head of analytics as well as our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) team on a weekly basis. I also meet with each of our managers individually at least once a week to make sure that we are on the same page and that they feel supported. My boss, our team president, and I meet once a week so that I can keep him informed with all the most updated revenue numbers and the status of ongoing initiatives.

 imagine a typical day in his life. Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: 

-How long do you think Jeff's work day normally is? Support and explain
-Do you think Jeff works on weekends? Why or why not?
-Does the day-in-the-life description match the image you had of the way a NBA sales and services executive would spend his day? 

-If so, how does it match your image of a sport sales and services executive?
-If not, what image would you expect for a career as a sales and services executive?
-If so, what steps could you take now to meet the daily responsibilities of this type of career someday?
-If not, what were the areas that did not match up with your image of what a typical day of a sport sales and service executive would look like?
-Are these differences great enough to keep you from feeling satisfied in this type of career?

Subject: Business, Management
I always feel refreshed when I go to work in the morning, because my office is inside a sports arena! My workday begins sometime between 6:45 and 7:,...
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