"Continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, focusing

our energies, developing patience, and seeing reality objectively" is a definition of which of the Five Disciplines of a Learning Organization?
a.Systems Thinking
b.Team Learning
c.Shared vision
d.Personal Mastery

ADRP 6-22 says organizational leaders must be masters of resourcing. An organization's resources can include:
a.time, equipment, facilities, budgets, and people
b.mission, vision, and values
c.people, mission, and equipment
d.time, culture, budgets, and people

It is essential that leaders set the example by being role models. Which of the following are positive leader actions according to FM6-22?
a.Encourage development, encourage learning, discourage initiative, encourage effective decision making
b.Encourage development, encourage learning, promote learning from mistakes, allow for risk takin
c.Encourage development, encourage innovation, punish mistakes, encourage effective decision making
d.Encourage development, encourage innovation, Minimize risk taking, encourage learning

Which of the following is a Principle of Risk Management? 
a.Make risk decisions at the highest level
b.Integrate risk management into select phases of missions and operations        
c.Accept no unnecessary risk
d.Apply risk management only upon completion of planning

FM6-22 discusses a leader's responsibility to encourage fairness and inclusiveness. Which of the following is an example of a strength indicator for this action?
a.Allows groups or teams to isolate individuals they do not like or have difficulty fitting in
b.Uses skills and capabilities of team members without providing preferential treatmen
c.Exempts a select few team members or subordinates from duties
d.Selects the same high-performing members for almost all developmental opportunities

The Army's Diversity Roadmap identifies five goals for moving forward to achieve a successful diversity initiative. These include:
a.Leader compliance and prohibited personnel practices
b.Implementing quotas for promotions and Leader commitment
c.Education and training and punitive policies
d.Structure and resources and comprehensive talent management processes

Leaders are role models who set the conditions for leader development and building a learning organization. Leader actions that encourage development include:
a.Centralize decisionmaking, Encourage learning, Encourage development
b.Encourage effective decisionmaking, Limit exercise of disciplined initiative, Promote learning
c.Encourage innovation, Punish risk-taking, Encourage developmet
d.Encourage learning, Promote learning from mistakes, Allow for risk taking

Which of the following are critical steps in the Army's Leading Change process?
a.Form guiding coalitions, communicate the vision, consolidate successful programs
b.Demonstrate a sense of urgency, secure compliance, plan for short term successes
c.Demonstrate a sense of complacency, form guiding coalitions, communicate the vision
d.Develop a strategy, generate debate, preserve the change

According to AR600-20, techniques of dealing with sexual harassment include:                          
a.Direct approach, Indirect approach, Third party, Filing a formal complaint
b.Direct approach, Ignoring the situation, Third party, Chain of Command, Indirect approach
c.Direct assault, Third Party, Union grievance
d.Direct approach, Indirect approach, Public outburst, Chain of Command

Which element of Army doctrine addresses contributing to a learning organization by using digital and non-digital tools to assist in understanding of an organization's culture?                                                                 
a.Personnel Management
b.Talent Management
c.Facilities Management
d.Knowledge Management

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