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Quality Management Answer the following questionsSelect one:a. Increasing global competitionb. The Deming Cycle.

1.Which of the following is a trend that will shape the future of quality management?

c. The Juran Trilogy.

d. Global economy.

2.When making comparisons among internationally competing countries, the following indicators are used:

Select one:

a. Government infrastructure.

b. Standard of living and investment.

c. Quality is the key to success.

d. Ability to compete.

3.Which of the following statements are considered true concerning the effects of global integration?

Select one:

a. All of the above

b. Downturns in one country can now have a ripple effect that quickly spreads to other countries.

c. It can be the Achilles heel of economic growth.

d. It has helped fuel economic growth throughout the industrialized world.

4.Which of the following certifications is for managers who lead and champion continual process improvement initiatives?

Select one:

a. Manager of Quality or Organizational Excellence

b. Calibration technician

c. Quality Process Analyst

d. Six Sigma Green Belt

5.Crosbys Quality Vaccine consists of three ingredients. Which of the following is not one of the three ingredients?

Select one:

a. Education

b. Teamwork

c. Implementation

d. Determination

6.Of the trends listed below, which one increases the level of globalization in business?

Select one:

a. Rise of small towns.

b. Growing irrelevance of distance.

c. Quality of the product.

d. Shifts in the interest rates.

7.Todays consumers define quality as being flawless and having all of the attributes they want in just the way they want them.

Select one:



8.The total quality approach has which of the following characteristics:

Select one:

a. One employee in charge

b. Teamwork

c. Confusion and poor leadership

d. Obsession with quantity

9.Which of the following countries is the most competitive country in the world?

Select one:

a. United States

b. Germany

c. Japan

d. Switzerland

10.The most important key in maximizing competitiveness is:

Select one:

a. Education

b. Teamwork

c. Government

d. Human resources

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Quality Management Answer the following questions 1.Which of the following is a trend that will shape the future of quality management?
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