A new supervisor was promoted over the swing shift avionics...

  1. A new supervisor was promoted over the swing shift avionics production line in Houston, TX. Within his first six months in the position, seven of his 55 employees were terminated. During his first performance appraisal as a supervisor, he was asked why 12.7 percent of the employees on his shift were fired. He reported that he had been trained when he was hired and was simply following up on problems that should have been resolved previously. When his boss reviewed the terminations, she found that that the legal department had signed off on all seven terminations and that documentation of poor performance had been started months, and sometimes years, prior. The new supervisor was slightly offended that his decisions and actions were questioned. Why was it important to ensure that the termination process was carried out correctly?
  • Ensuring the termination process was conducted correctly and by due process provides the greatest legal protection possible for the supervisor and the firm.
  • Ensuring the termination process was done correctly would help provide the new supervisor with feedback on what he could improve in the future.
  • Checking on the termination process allows the supervisor to determine if employees were treated kindly when they were let go.
  • Correctly carrying out the termination process enables the company to document poor practices and improve training to avoid these situations in the future.

2) The HR department at Avondale Industries has recently revised the company policy manual and asked the training and development office to provide training to all managers about the revised policies and how to apply them uniformly. The manager for quality assurance was gone on vacation when training occurred and did not receive it when she returned. One of the new policies established new data protection practices, which she did not know about. When a minor breach of security happened because of her failure to follow the new protocols, the manager was reprimanded and written up for the first time in her employment. Having the infraction on her record upset her, and she appealed to HR to have it removed. Is it possible, or even necessary, for HR to adjust her record and why?

  • The employee's personnel record can be adjusted and should be to keep the employee happy and satisfied.
  • It is not necessary for HR to remove the infraction because the employee's file is strictly confidential. Only select people would ever know, and it would not affect her employment.
  • It is not necessary to make a record adjustment because, should the employee leave, the record will be destroyed after one year, thus effectively removing it.
  • Ignorance of the policy opened the door for HR to remove the infraction. Employees must be informed about what is required or prohibited, or they cannot be disciplined.

3)A complaint was filed against one of the supervisors in Avondale Industries' unmanned vehicles engineering division in Denver, CO. The engineer who filed the complaint was a 27-year-old woman who claimed the supervisor showed favoritism to the men on his team; she is the only woman engineer among a team of eight. In her complaint, she listed several instances of unequal treatment:

  1. She was written up for being tardy three times while none of the other employees were, even though she kept documentation of several instances when other employees were late.
  2. She has never been assigned to lead a project and is the only engineer to have been excluded as a project lead even though her work is exemplary.
  3. The supervisor only asks for input from male engineers.
  4. The supervisor has repeatedly excused unproductive behavior for the male engineers but criticizes her when she is not focused one hundred percent on work.
  5. After trying to talk to her supervisor and being told that she "was dreaming it all up," the woman filed a complaint with HR. Which statement best explains the need for HR to take this complaint seriously and investigate the situation?
  • HR should take the complaint seriously and notify the supervisor that he is under investigation. He will then be more likely to watch his behavior.
  • HR should resolve the situation before it escalates to the courts. This will save the company time and money as well as its reputation.
  • Investigating the situation will demonstrate to the employee that she is being listened to and taken seriously.
  • HR should investigate the situation because there is a high likelihood it will lose a good employee if they do not do so.

4) Avondale Industries was faced with a termination lawsuit in its Atlanta, GA, office. The employee had been written up several times for tardiness and poor performance, and the employee was let go based on this documentation. In the lawsuit, however, the employee, born as a woman but who identified as a man, claimed he was fired because he wanted to use the men's restroom instead of the gender-neutral bathroom provided by the company. He claimed other employees who had similar poor performance and tardiness records were not terminated, which turned out to be true. The court case resulted in the employee being awarded $145,000 in lost past and future earnings as well as $700,000 in punitive damages. Which of the following statement best explains why the court sided with the former employee?

  • Because the company failed to explain to the employee that other employees were uncomfortable when he used the men's restroom, the company was at fault.
  • The employee should have been allowed to use the men's restroom as there were stalls with doors that allowed everyone to have privacy.
  • Because company policies and procedures were not followed consistently, the employee was wrongly dismissed. Disciplinary action should be applied equally to all employees.
  • Firing someone who is transgender, even though the employee was a poor performer, is always against the law.

5) A nationwide movement that increased the awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace sensitized Avondale Industries to the need for increased sexual harassment prevention training. The training and development office provides at least two hours of sexual harassment training to all employees with supervisor duties and at least one hour of training to all employees without supervisor duties. The training must be repeated every year. Which of the following statements best explains why it is necessary for supervisors to receive training on a regular basis and how the training will protect the company?

  • Without training, supervisors are more likely to commit sexual harassment offenses, which can result in increased discrimination claims.
  • Training will help the supervisors understand the complaint process and what steps need to be taken should a complaint be filed.
  • Supervisors will be better able to identify candidates during the hiring process who may be more likely to harass other employees and avoid hiring them.
  • Regular training will allow the supervisors the opportunity to ask questions and learn of any new policy changes.

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