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<br/> -Overseeing risk management can be complex at Pesky Weeds,

a lawn-care company specializing in weed control. The company's lawn service technicians use chemicals that are considered safe for the average employee to handle but are not considered safe for pregnant women. Which action should the risk management specialist at Pesky Weeds take to minimize health risks for employees?
-Issue a "fetal protection policy" in order to protect pregnant employees and their babies
-Transfer pregnant women to a different role to prevent exposure to chemicals
-Refuse to hire women in their childbearing years
-Warn women about the increased risks of birth defects and let the women decide whether they are willing to take the risk

2) As an HR manager at DataX Space, a pregnant employee asks you about the company's leave policies. She expresses concerns about her family's finances if she were to leave her job for too long. Under federal law, what must your employee leave policy include? 

-A prescribed time requirement for leaving or returning to work
-A requirement for employees to provide a medical certification of their ability to work
-A provision for employees to return to the same or substantially similar job when their physical condition allows them to do so
-An increase in pay to cover the daily expense of a new baby

3) Jeremy, an HR manager at DataX Space, terminated an employee because the employee was selling drugs on company property. The terminated employee is disputing the grounds for termination, and the case has gone to arbitration. What must Jerermy provide in order to uphold the disciplinary action? 

-Evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt
-An assumption of evidence
-Evidence beyond a reasonable doubt
-A preponderance of evidence

4) You are an HR manager for DataX Space and are currently training a group of supervisors on how to mitigate the impact of employees using drugs in the workplace. In the training, you discuss the important things that supervisors can be doing to address the issue. Which of the following is the most important responsibility for the supervisors? 

-To look for signs of drug use in employees
-To listen for rumors of drug use among employees
-To monitor the performance of employees
-To question employees when they appear to be under the influence5) Phillip, a human resources manager at DataX Space, is concerned with his organization's ability to respond to a pandemic. For this reason, he has decided to help his company create plan of action in the event of a pandemic situation. What two issues should be the primary focus of Philip's plan?

-Controlling the spread of the illness and operating with reduced personnel
-Conducting safety trainings and building up a supply of personal protective equipment
-Controlling the spread of the illness and providing increased pay for essential employees
-Conducting safety trainings and providing health benefits for employees

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Overseeing risk management can be complex at Pesky Weeds, a lawn-care company specializing in weed control. The company's lawn service technicians
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