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1. Identify five ways in which workplace systems and policies and procedures can assist in building effective relationships.

2. Workplace policies and procedures are often based on legislation and regulations. Discuss the purpose of each of the following Acts and for each Act explain why the Act is important for ensuring effective workplace relationships.

· Age Discrimination Act 2004

· Disability Discrimination Act 1992

· Fair Work Act 2009

· Racial Discrimination Act 1975

· Sex Discrimination Act 1984

3. Explain how effective problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies, policies and procedures techniques can support the identification and resolution of workplace problems, thus maintaining effective workplace relationships.

4. Explain the purpose of a workplace Code of Conduct and how it can assist in ensuring a harmonious workplace and the way in which staff interact and communicate with each other.

5. Many workplaces encourage their staff to build networks both internally and externally to the organisation. This may be through online networks, such as LinkedIn, or by engaging with the community and other services or business that may be of benefit to the organisation. Furthermore, professional development processes encourage staff to meet new people by attending conferences, training sessions and other events.

Discuss three reasons why networking can lead to a more productive and effective workplace environment.

6. Not everyone is the best at communicating or interacting with other people. A workplace will consist of people from different backgrounds and cultures, those with different life, education and work experiences, those with varying abilities and needs. Some organisations have in place a variety of systems and supports for its staff. These may relate to staff wellbeing/ employee assistance programs, training in soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills, diversity training, and so on.

Explain how these types of processes can assist staff to work more effectively together.

7. Explain the value of consulting with employees on topics such as workplace issues, innovation, diversity, work health and safety, and professional development.

Explain the requirements under Modern Awards to consult with employees, including the circumstances in which consultation is required and the steps that must be taken by employers in consulting with employers. 

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no answer on the Internet is needed 1.Identify five ways in which workplace systems and policies and procedures can assist in building effective...
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