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YouTube videos: Priorities·




Personal Development




Once you have completed watching these YouTube videos about Priorities and Personal Development you are required to answer the following questions about the videos.

1.   What do you think about them?

2.   What could you learn by watching them?

3.   What is the main lesson you learned?

4.   Is there anything you would change related with priorities and personal development?

5.   Explain what and how you will change.

6.   What habit/s can you implement today that will benefit your entire lifetime?

7.   What way can you speak or voice your opinion in the workplace making sure that you are politically correct /diplomatic?

8.   What would you do if your opinion is not totally accept or heard?

9.   What are personal boundaries and how can you create them in your life and work?

10. If there is one thing you can delete in your life what would that be?

11. Give one example of problem you had and how did you overcome it?

12. What lessons did you learn by that?

13. How do you achieve the outcome you want in your life and work?

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YouTube videos: Priorities
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