Porter's five forces model assesses industry attractiveness by surveying these five factors : potential entrants, suppliers, raw materials,...
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1. Porter's five forces model assesses industry attractiveness by

surveying these five factors : a. potential entrants, suppliers, raw materials, substitutes, and rivalry among existing firms. b. potential entrants, suppliers, buyers, similar products, and rivalry among existing firms . c. potential entrants, suppliers, buyers, substitutes, and rivalry among existing firms . d. potential entrants, competitors, buyers, substitutes, and rivalry among existing firms .

2. A strategic plan serves as a blueprint to help a company to: a. identify a company's competitive advantage and set it apart from its competition with a unique b. position in the market. c. accomplish its mission, goals, and objectives. d. match their company's strengths and weaknesses to the environment's opportunities and threats. e. All of the above

3. ratios tell whether or not the small company will be able to meet its short-term obligations . a. Profitability b . Liquidity c. Leverage d. Operating

4.A technique that allows the small business owner to perform financial analysis by understanding the relationship between two accounting elements is called: a. break -even analysis . b. budgeting . . creating the pro forma. d . ratio analysis .

5. Companies aim at achieving development that meets humanity's needs without harming future generations. This is known as: a. Feasibility b. Responsibility c. Sustainability d. All of the above 6. Which of the following is not a reason for globalization? a. Create global markets b. Reduce the usage of technology c. Provide more choices for global customers d. Attract foreign investments

7. Which of the following firms is likely to have operations in more than one country, international sales, and a nationality mix of managers and owners? a. Multinational Corporation b. Globalized national corporation c. Diversified workplace Corporation d. GCC company

8. The degree to which employees believe the organization values their contribution and cares about their well-being is : a. Job Satisfaction b. Psychological Empowerment c. Job Rotation d. Perceived Organizational Support (POS)

9. Which of the following functions of the managers includes designing a structure ? a. Planning b. Staffing c. Organizing d. Controlling

10. Which of the following is true with reference to productivity? a. Increasing production with highest outputs b. Change inputs into high quality outputs by maximum efforts c. Using less inputs and getting more output at lowest cost possible d. Not disturbing the production and increasing costs

11. Which of the following statements is true with reference to management principle , Subordination of individual interest to general interest ? a. Individual's interest is greater than organization's interest b. Organization's interest is greater than individual's interest c. Both individual's and organization's interests should be treated equally d. All of the above workflow

12. Structural configuration which employs a arrangement and low levels of centralization is: a. Functional Structure b. Divisional Structure c. Situational Structure d. None of the above

13. The process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job a Job Involvement b. Job Design c. Job Psychology Job Specification d.

14. helps organizations create value by charging a premium price for a differentiated product or service a . Cost Strategy b. Divergent Strategy c. Emergent Strategy d. Differentiation Strategy .

The process through which the organization seeks applications for a particular job is: a. Recruitment b. Selection c. Placement d. None of the above

16. What are the outcomes of Job Satisfaction: a. Job Performance and Customer Satisfaction. b. Absenteeism and Workplace Deviance. c. Turnover and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors dAll of the above.

17. Which of the following is true regarding formal groups ? a. A group of people who come together to protest against a new law make up a formal group b. They are natural formations that arise in response to the need for social contact . c. They are marked by expected behaviors in achieving of organizational goals . d. They have negative impact on employee performance and behavior

18. Communication that flows from lower to a higher level in the organization is called a. upward communication b. lateral communication c. horizontal communication ddownward communication

19. According to Gordon Allport, is defined as the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to his environment. a . descent b. personality c. cognitive dissonance d. heredity

20. Determining what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, how the tasks are to be grouped, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made, is a. Planning b. Organizing c. Leading d. Controlling

Case study 1.
Read the situation and answer all the following questions . Last week You were appointed as a General Director of a small coffee shop "Kahwa", which is allocated in Bowsher (Muscat) on the Bowsher street next to 3 colleges and many buildings with residential apartments . The coffee shop has all necessary and relatively new facilities and equipment, and big hall for customers. Coffee shop working hours are from 8am till 11 pm. There are several employees in the coffee shop: 6 waiters, 1 cook and 1 cook assistant, 1 cashier/accountant. Security and cleaning services are outsourced. Owners of the coffee shop set a goal to develop the business and increase sales by 3 % annually, provide friendly and comfortable environment for employees and increase customer satisfaction. When you started to familiarize yourself with work, you found that the relationship between waiters are not very good: they often argue with each other about their duties and working hours. All waiters are expatriates, 3 of them are from Bangladesh and 3 are from Philippines. Some waiters claim that they work more hours and do more work than others, and there is no accountability for their duties, and they feel such situation is unfair as all waiters receive the same compensation package . You found out that owners of the shop do not have necessary knowledge, skills and experience to manage the shop effectively and efficiently, so the do not interfere much, but they are willing to fund and support necessary changes for improvement.

Questions :

1. Discuss which of the Business Environment forces affect your business the most and in what way. How can you turn them into opportunities ?

2. Describe main functions of GM and recommend actions to handle managerial tasks that you see in this job, including but not limited to communicating , team-building, problem solving

3. Recognise and describe in details the ethical issue emerging in the firm and suggest solution for handling this issue, considering legal perspective and economic consequences .
Case Study 2.
Read the situation and answer all the following questions.
Your friend just graduated from the University with Master Degree specialized in Information Technology. He would like to open his own business as e-commerce. He plans to open online shop and sell different kinds of perfumes in Oman. He has all necessary knowledge, skills and experience for executing technical part of it. He is asking your advice on how to organize and manage the business and people effectively.

Questions :

1. Explain the complexity of business environment to your friend and emphasize on those forces that could affect his business the most. Give him an idea how to see and use opportunities within the complex business environment.

2. Describe main managerial functions and roles to your friend. Elaborate on human resources outsourcing and how your friend can use it in his business: what kind of people your friend can outsource and what are the benefits of it.

3. Identify and discuss with your friend legal and ethical issues that should be considered while doing e- commerce .

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