methods when attempting to improve motivation of the employees of the business? 2 Differentiatebetween teams and groups? When do groups become teams?...
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IExplain why motivated employees are important to a bank?

Give two examples of Maslow's human needs and explain how they could be satisfied at work?

Explain the link between piece rate payment systems and the views of Taylor?

Discuss whether a hotel manager should focus mainly on financial or non-financial methods when attempting to improve motivation of the employees of the business?


Differentiate between teams and groups?

When do groups become teams?

List the 5 stages of team development

Explain any 3 characteristics of an effective team?

List the different teamwork skills?

Name any 5 roles required for effective team functioning?


Define Centralization and Decentralization and explain its benefits and disadvantages?

Differentiate between flat and tall organizational charts with the help of diagram?

Define delayering and explain its advantages and disadvantages?


Define groupthink ?

What is group shift?

Explain any two symptoms of groupthink?

What can managers do to prevent groupthink?

List two group decision making techniques?

List 3 organizational factors that affect creativity?

Define corporate social responsibility?


List the steps for negotiating effectively?

List some of the factors that lead to personality conflicts at work?

Identify the conflict management strategies?

Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional conflict?


What is the purpose of organizational culture?

How to create & maintain culture?

Can organizational culture have a downside?

How do organizations manage change?

Why do people and organizations resist change?

What are the factors that lead individuals to resist change?


Define perception?

What is attribution theory? What are its implications for explaining behaviour in organizations?

What is stereotyping? Give an example of how stereotyping creates perceptual distortion?

Give some positive results of using shortcuts when judging others?

Describe the factors in the Big Five Personality model. Which factor shows the greatest value in predicting behaviour?

What behavioural predictions might you make if you knew that an employee had (a) an negative core self-evaluation? (b) a low Mach score? (c) low self-monitoring? (d) a Type A personality?

To what extent do people's personalities affect how they are perceived?

What is emotional labour and why is it important to understanding OB?

What is emotional intelligence and why is it important?


Describe the five value dimensions of national culture proposed by Geert Hofstede?

Compare Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal values?

How might differences in generational values affect the workplace?

Describe the profile of Generation-Y employees?

What might explain low levels of employee job satisfaction in recent years?

Are satisfied employees productive employees? Explain your answer.

What is the relationship between job satisfaction and absentee- ism? Job satisfaction and turn-over? Which is the stronger relationship?

Contrast exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect as employee responses to job satisfaction?


What is power? How do you get it?

Contrast the bases of power with influence tactics?

How might people respond to the different bases of power that someone might use?

Which of the six power bases lie with the individual? Which are derived from the organization?

Define the general dependency postulate?

What creates dependency? Give an applied example.

Identify the range of empowerment that might be available to employees?

Define sexual harassment. Who is most likely to harass an employee: a boss, a co-worker, or a subordinate? Explain.

How are power and politics related?

Define political behaviour. Why is politics a fact of life in organizations?

What would you do as a recent graduate entering a new job to maximize your power and accelerate your career progress?

"Politics isn't inherently bad. It's merely a way to get things accomplished within organizations." Do you agree or disagree? Defend your position.

You are a sales representative for an international software company. After four excellent years, sales in your territory are off 30 percent this year. Describe three impression management techniques you might use to convince your manager that your sales record is better than should be expected under the circumstances.

Which impression management techniques have you used? What ethical implications, if any, are there in using impression management?

"Sexual harassment should not be tolerated at the workplace." "Workplace romances are a natural occurrence in organizations." Are both of these statements true? Can they be reconciled?


Trace the development of leadership research?

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of trait theories of leadership?

What do behavioural theories imply about leadership?

What are the contingency variables in the path-goal theory?

When might leaders be irrelevant?

What characteristics define an effective follower?

What are the differences among transactional and transformational leaders?

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of a charismatic leader?

What is moral leadership?

Why do you think effective female and male managers often exhibit similar traits and behaviours?

Reconcile path-goal theory and substitutes for leadership?

What kind of activities could a full-time college or university student pursue that might lead to the perception that he or she is a charismatic leader? In pursuing those activities, what might the student do to enhance this perception of being charismatic?

Based on the low representation of women in upper management, to what extent do you think that organizations should actively promote women into the senior ranks of management?

Is there an ethical problem if leaders focus more on looking like a leader than actually being one? Discuss.

"Leaders make a real difference in an organization's performance." Build an argument in support of this statement?  Then build an argument against this statement?

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