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Assuming no brokerage fees, calculate the amount of cash needed to...

Assuming no brokerage fees, calculate the amount of cash needed to retire Baldwin's 12.5S2023 bond early.
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You are a Director in the Andrews Corporation. Your boss called you to inform you that there is a proposed layoff in your department that would affect three of six of your employees if it takes place. Given the sensitivity of the issue, your boss asks you to keep this information absolutely confidential. Later that day, one of your employees (Shelia) who would be affected stops you in the hallway and says she’s heard rumors about a layoff, remarking, "I’m not going to be fired am I?" The layoff in fact does occur and you now have to deliver the bad news to your employees. It’s likely to send shockwaves through the organization and there will no doubt be considerable bad press associated with the layoff. With which of the following issues should you be most concerned when talking with Shelia?

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Making sure that Shelia understands the economic need for laying-off staff.
Clearly communicating that it’s not personal and that she has been a valuable employee.
Making certain that she has a chance to air any negative feelings so she doesn’t feel a need to go the local newspaper.
Ensuring that Shelia understands the process for how she was selected as one of the employees to be terminated.

You are the IT manager for the Andrews Company. A large shipment of new computers has just arrived. You notice that the inventory is short one computer. The invoice, however, clearly states that all the computers ordered were shipped. You suspect that one of your employees (Bill) has something to do with the missing computer. Which of the following actions would be most effective in dealing with the missing computer?

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Ask another employee who is close friend of Bill’s to talk with him about the issue and to report back to you.
Rule out other explanations such as an error by the computer distributor.
Call Bill into your office and ask him directly about the missing computer.
Send a letter to the computer distributor to document in writing that there was a problem with the shipment.

Chester has negotiated a new labor contract for the next round that will affect the cost for their product Cell. Labor costs will go from $1.79 to $2.29 per unit. Assume all period and variable costs as reported on Chester's Income Statement remain the same.

If Chester were to pass on half the new labor costs to their customers, how many units of product Cell would need to be sold next round to break even on the product?

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The Baldwin company currently has the following balances on their balance sheet:

    Assets                        $225,083

    Common Stock         $52,421

    Retained earnings   $34,571

Suppose next year the Baldwin Company generates $20,000 in net profit, pays $10,000 in dividends, assets change to $151,000, and common stock remains unchanged. What must their total liabilities be next year?

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One of your teammates, Laura, is having difficulty accomplishing her assigned tasks. Which of the following actions would be most effective?

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Offer to help Laura with her tasks.
Encourage Laura to work harder and remind her that everyone experiences difficulty.
Schedule a team meeting so Laura can explain why they are having problems.
Reassign her tasks to other team members so they will get done.

As the leader of your newly formed 9-person team, one of your key concerns is that the team performs as a cohesive unit. Which of the following descriptions is most likely to indicate that your team is cohesive?

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There is very little conflict between team members.
Team members prioritize the team’s goals over their own goals.
Whenever tackling a new team task, members typically divide into the same 3 subgroups.
Team members have no problem working independently or alone.

Of Digby Corporation’s products, which earned the highest Net Margin as a percentage of its sales?

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It’s been six months since you began your role as a regional sales manager. Your territory includes the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, making it highly culturally diverse. You feel like you are doing fairly well, but still feel somewhat uncomfortable when coaching sales people from Mexico. In fact, a recent meeting with a Mexican sales rep did not go well. You tried to motivate him but he just became very defensive and you’re not sure if he reacted that way because of the negative performance feedback or because you violated some cultural norm, or both. You spoke with another manager in Mexico who assured you that you were culturally sensitive in your feedback delivery. Which of the following would be MOST HELPFUL in continuing to develop your cross-cultural skills in delivering performance feedback?

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Differentiate between what you say and how you say it.
Determine whether you delivered the feedback with enough humility and deference.
Deliver performance feedback to sales reps in a written format.
Increase your confidence through practice by coaching Mexican sales-reps and then seeking feedback on your approach.

One of your colleagues spends a great deal of time planning her interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds. Before she talks with people from a different culture, she researches their culture, tries to understand how it’s both similar and different from her own, and then tries to put herself "in their shoes" by testing how different statements might make her feel if she were from their culture. Which of the following views is MOST ACCURATE about her behavior with respect to being culturally competent?

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Although admirable, the most culturally competent people are authentic and her behavior is political in nature – it would be better if she just tried to be herself.
She should probably spend the most time on learning about the other culture rather than comparing it to her own because this distracts from the real issues at hand.
She is missing the most important aspect of cultural competence, learning the language of the other culture.
This type of cultural learning, although requiring a lot of effort, is essential to be the most effective you can be when talking with others from different cultures.

One of your new suppliers, Kim, has been hearing rumors about your firm’s lack of capability to deliver high quality products and writes an email asking you to address the claims being made. In replying to her, you want to be sure that you are very clear and leave no room for misinterpretation. Which of the following aspects of effective communication should you give the MOST attention?

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Supporting your reply with relevant data and facts.
Making sure you understand Kim’s areas of expertise.
Establishing your credibility as an expert.
Paying attention to implied communications.

Tom works for a large payroll outsourcing firm. One of his key customer’s contracts is set to expire in one month. Competition has heated up in this industry and Tom’s customer asked him to make a presentation to the top management team about his firm’s services. In his presentation, he thanked the customers for their loyalty, talked about industry trends, highlighted how his firm has been successfully serving firms for decades (unlike the new players in the market), and then asked them to renew their business again by showing them pricing options. Tom didn’t get the contract renewed and wonders if his presentation had anything to do with it. Which of the following actions should Tom do in order to IMPROVE his future presentations?

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Spend less presentation time thanking the customer for his/her loyalty.
Provide arguments that his firm can meet the customer’s specific needs.
Spend more time talking about the competitions’ low quality services.
Assume the customer will renew and present pricing options upfront.

The Digby company will increase its automation for the Dome product by 2.0. Assuming no further change in capacity, how much will this investment in automation cost?

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Suppose you were hired as a consultant for a company that wants to penetrate the Comp-XM market. This company wants to pursue a broad cost leader strategy. From last year’s reports, which company would be the strongest competitor?

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Refer to the HR Report section of the Inquirer. Baldwin will continue to keep their current hourly levels of training in order to help reduce turnover and improve productivity next year. How much must be spent per employee on an hourly basis to maintain the current training commitment?

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What would Chester Corporation’s market capitalization be if the current stock price fell 10%?

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$103.3 million
$93.0 million
$89.9 million

$99.8 million

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