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Hi All I want to write a research project about "Supply chain...

Hi All

I want to write a research project about "Supply chain Customer Service Management"

you can choose any sub subject and write about

but you do not have to write about anything different from "Supply chain"

I mean you can write about any topic in "Customer service" but related to "Supply chain" ONLY

Rules :

- Plagiarism FREE ( we use plagiarism checker )

- Must follow the attached template ( Exactly )

- If you will write about specific country, it should be ONLY UAE "United Arab Emirates"

thanks in advance

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RESEARCH PROJECT TEMPLATE - MSLM 610 (3500-4000 words) Introduc±on (approximately 800 words) Discuss the Introduc±on here with the following in mind: Summarize the current state of knowledge Provide the ObjecTve of the study Provide the MoTvaTon of the study
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