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Hotel and restaurant management project. Career Marketing Plan....

Hotel and restaurant management project. Career Marketing Plan.

What you need to do is take other steps as your reference and just write step 4 (which highlighted by red)

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Step # 1 – Career Marketing Situation Audit - My current strengths What is my current situation Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities and Threats (SWOT Analysis ) Macro Environmental Factors One of the elements that are external to the job seeker and uncontrollable by the seeker is economical factors, when the state of economy of the country is not doing well, companies will try to cut their budget, thus resulting in performing lay-offs to decrease labor costs and not employing new staff members. Besides that, there is demographic factor, for instance, people and businesses are shifting locations, hence creating an imbalance employment rates throughout the country. The workforces in the United States is also becoming more diverse, employees have to learn and prepare to cooperate with co-workers who are from a various ethnic backgrounds with different methods of solving problems. Other than that, there is also political factor, job seekers have to be aware of the regulations set by the government that may affect the hiring process of a company. External & Uncontrollable – US & World Economy During the period of my proposed job search, the United States is one of the most diverse and technologically advanced country in the world with a powerful economic standing. Although the productivity growth has been slow, but it is recovering from the recession in 2009. The unemployment rate has been decreasing due to an increase in job openings in various companies and a rising in the labor force participation rate. In comparison to other developed countries such as the United Kingdom and China, the United States is doing better in terms of a decrease in unemployment rate and more job opportunities, however, the labor workforce is lower. The general changes in technology and communication that will affect my marketing campaign include the excessive use of Social Media and the Internet. For instance, employers search for experienced and highly skilled employees through LinkedIn, job recruiters will go through Facebook pages of the potential applicants to find out about their personal lives and determine their ability in problem solving and managing their emotions, there are also interviews that are set-up through Skype when the interviewer and interviewee are too far from each other. Other than that, job seekers can look for jobs and apply through online recruitment website like and, the job descriptions, salary details and information about the recruiting company are listed in the websites, seekers do not need to search for jobs through newspaper. External & Uncontrollable – Hospitality Industry, Sub-Industries, and Specific Companies The sub-industries of the hospitality/tourism industry generally consists of lodging, food and beverage, travel and tourism as well as recreation, the industry is one of the major economic source in the United States and it created a huge amount of job opportunities. Out of all the sub-industries, the lodging industry which is also my targeted industry, generates the most revenues compared to the other sectors, and the primary factors that drive the business is travel and tourism. Besides local travelers, there is also a
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