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can anyone help me out on my homework. this is a managerial accounting and its topic is about cost volume profit analysis. thank you in advancem comp 02.pngm comp 01.png

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M Company Actual Income Statement For the Month ended July 31 Total Per Unit Percent Sales P ? P ? 100 Less variable expenses Contribution margin Less fixed expenses Degree of operating leverage Break even point: In units ? units In Peso P1.012.500 Margin of safety: In Peso P ? In percentage 25% The supervisor has just requested that you "work up" the missing information and have completed report back within the hour. You are spurred on by the realization that the fired employee's position will need to be filled quickly, and sterling effort on your part could make you a leading candidate for the job. You recall from the prior work on the report that the net income for July on the product was P135,000. You also remember that sales for August are projected to be 20% higher than July sales. Finally, you remember that your supervisor likes to use the degree of operating leverage as a predictive tool.

After being fired for padding his travel expense reports. a disgruntled employee of M Company hacked into the company's computer system and proceeded to alter or destroy several important files. Among the files was as report containing an analysis of one of the company's products that you had just completed and sent Via e-mail to your supervisor. This report is needed for a meeting of the company's planning committee later in the day. The report contained the following projected income statement for the next month on the product [the question marks indicate obliterated data): M Company Projected Income Statement For the month ended August 31 Per Total Unit Percent Sales (9fl,flflfl units) P '3" P '3" % Less: Variable expenses '3' ? '34: Contribution margin "5' '? % Less: Fixed expenses r.' Net income P 243 (100 The report also contained results of actual sales and expenses for the product for the month just completed. as well as certain analytical data that you had prepared. These data are given below:

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After being red for padding his travel expense reports. a disgruntled employee of M Company hacked into the company's computer system and proceeded...
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