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Select the correct answer to each question.

Which of these research study types is a large,

high-value research project?

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-Internet use analysis

-Short-range forecasting

-Small-scale survey

-Test marketing

Conducting test market research in one city costs $375,000, which includes creating a pilot plant to manufacture the product, commercials, an advertising agency, couponing, sampling, and other ancillary costs. If a company wants to test with two different types of ads and in two different cities, what would be the total direct market testing cost?

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Market research should be conducted when a new product is being launched, but is not needed for existing products.

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In an article for Harvard Business Review, J. E. Klompmaker, G. D. Hughes, and R. I. Haley suggest that, if used, test marketing should be done towards the end of the product development process or replaced with a simulation. Which of these reasons, if true, would be the best reason to run a simulation rather than conduct test marketing in the field?

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-Mathematical market simulations are meant to complement test marketing.

-Running a real test of the market will cost less if it is launched after first running a simulation.

-Simulations do (a) poor job of imitating real shopping conditions.

-The cost of a simulation is markedly less than the cost of test marketing.

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Select the correct answer to each question.

Which of the following accurately captures the relationship between reliability and validity?

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-A measure cannot be reliable without being valid.

-A measure cannot be valid without being reliable.

-Measures are either reliable and valid or unreliable and invalid.

-Reliability and validity are independent of each other.

What does validity refer to?

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-Whether the research measures what it was intended to measure

-Whether the research meets expectations based on other data

-Whether the research shows appropriate differences in different situations

-Whether the research yields consistent results

What does reliability refer to?

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-being dependent on the context

-Both measuring what it was intended to measure and yielding consistent results

-measuring what it was intended to measure

-meeting expectations based on other data

-yielding consistent results

A study finds that 90 percent of market testing shows high confidence in "failing products." What does this suggest is wrong with market research?

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-It is not reliable or it is not valid or both.

-It is not valid or it is not reliable.

-Only that it is not reliable.

-Only that it is not valid.

If customers in a test market do not like a product, but the test rating shows high confidence in the product's success, what may have gone wrong?

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-The only thing wrong was that the customers may have been untruthful.

-The only thing wrong was that the research may not have been well designed.

-The problem was either that the research had a design flaw or the customers did not share their true feelings.

-The research may not have been designed to capture the particular opinions that clarify the customers' true feelings and/or the customers may have been untruthful.

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Select the correct answer to each question.

Wellbutrin is a medication designed to treat depression. Researchers found this drug also helps reduce withdrawal symptoms in people who are trying to quit smoking. The drug company concluded they should begin advertising Wellbutrin as an aid in smoking cessation. What is this an example of?

- Select your Answer -

-designing a research study

-identifying and defining a market opportunity

-interpreting research findings

-test marketing

After analyzing the statistics of consumers who purchase goods through their website, a company finds that most of the buyers are located in Japan. This indicates marketing efforts to acquire new customers should be focused in Japan.

- Select your Answer -



After determining the majority of the customers who purchased their goods were men aged 50-65 who were located in Japan, which of the following would be the best next step for the company to identify a marketing strategy for acquiring new customers?

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-Conduct conclusive research to determine areas in Japan with the highest numbers of men aged 50-65

-Conduct experimental research to determine if translating the website to Japanese increased sales

-Conduct exploratory research to determine the factors that attract customers in this demographic

-Offer free shipping on all orders from Japan

A trucking company has added "How's my driving? Call toll free" bumper stickers to its fleet of trucks. An automated answering service lets commuters give the date, time, and location of the trucks and a 1-5 rating on the driver's road performance. What type of data is the company collecting?

- Select your Answer -

-descriptive data

-exploratory data

-primary data

-secondary data

New part:

Select the correct answer for each question.

In which types of interview or survey might you hear the following? "Hello. May I speak to the female head of the household?"

- Select your Answer -

-In-home survey or customer advisory board

-Personal interview survey or shopping mall intercept survey

-Telephone survey or door-to-door survey

-Telephone survey or focus-group survey

In which types of interview or survey would respondents be able to walk away and finish later?

- Select your Answer -

-Customer advisory board or focus-group interview

-Online survey or mail survey

-Shopping mall intercept survey or on-site computer interview

-Telephone survey or personal interview

In which type of survey are respondents LEAST likely to answer the survey questions in their own words?

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-In-home survey

-Online survey

-Personal interview survey

-Telephone survey

In which of these ways does crowdsourcing differ from other survey methods?

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-It is cost-free.

-It does not seek to garner a representative sample.

-It seeks reliability rather than validity.

-It seeks validity rather than reliability.

new part:

Which of the following would provide valuable information within a marketing information system? Select all that apply.

A. Traffic patterns along delivery routes

B. Distribution expenses

C. Competitor prices

D. List of store managers

E. Current sales

F. Inventory

G. Advertising expenses

Which of the following is an ethical issue that might arise while conducting market research?

A. Concern about the validity of the responses

B. Concern about respondent health and safety

C. Defining the goal of the survey

D. Selecting a representative sample

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