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What is marketing research and how companies use it?Perceptual mapping for positioning

  1. Describe how it is used each of the following marketing research methods:
  • Focus groups for concept testing 
  • Surveys for assessing customer satisfaction
  • Cluster analysis for segmentation
  • Conjoint analysis for testing attributes
  • Scanner data for pricing and coupon experiments and brand switching

3.Assume you are a top-level manager and decided to use a single focus group. You get excited you will know what some customers say, and be able to prepare a marketing plan with the results. Why do you know this is premature? On the other side, how many focus groups are enough to support a marketing plan?

4.Imagine designing a conjoint analysis for a restaurant like Mexican Tamales. In particular, you're in charge of the phone and curve orders. While they're a simple foodstuff, they can be created in many combinations. What factors should you test in terms of your customers' likely preferences? Design a conjoint analysis that would result in identifying 2 or 3 popular combinations that your customers could order every day. Which combination would make your customers most satisfied?

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What is marketing research and how companies use it?
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