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1.A major hotel company has partnered with a movie studio. According

to this partnership, the actors the characters in a new upcoming movie are portrayed as staying at this major hotel company. The brand of the hotel, as well as some important signature services, are prominently displayed in the movie. This is an example of:
B.product publicity
C.lobbying release

2.A small tourist destination has recorded an unusual number of cases of foodborne illnesses in the past three months. Restaurant chain Escapism has gathered the most important press representatives to report that they conducted inspections and no cases of food borne illnesses can be traced to the restaurant. This is an example of a: relations
C.persuasive communications

3.In the design of a successful PR campaign, the PR manager must carefully define the _______. In this regard, the PR manager must find the media that can be used to effectively deliver the message to the various publics.

A.advertising budget audience way to persuade the decision-makers of the company to increase the advertising budget
D.most cost-effective ways to create the right message

4.One important challenge for PR managers is to ______ news.

A.hide negative
C.promote only financial
D.feature the leadership of the company in

5.Some companies provide paid leave when their employees engage in public service activities. This is an example of the companies' _______ activities. share
B.profit orientation
C.corporate social responsibility

6.One of the ways in which the PR campaign can be evaluated in a restaurant is by measuring:

A.number of staff. cost percentage.
C.number of customers who sign up for the company's newsletter.

7.Social media has increasingly become ____________, particularly for younger customers of hospitality and tourism.

A.mainstream media
B.potential customers
D.useful for bookings

8.Marianne is a French expat currently living in Edmonton. She is a former competitive cyclist, and she has competed in the Tour de France. Five years ago, when she moved to Edmonton, she started one of the most successful crêpe restaurants. The restaurant also features hearty and nutritious breakfasts, similar to the ones that she had when she was a competitive athlete. The website, social media pages, and the decor of the restaurant features images of Marianne from when she was an athlete, as well as pictures of for customers engaged in cycling activities around Alberta. This way of promoting the restaurant has been successful so far. What type of PR activity is this?

A.Sales promotion, because she is passionate about cycling, and she would likely give discounts to customers for participating cycling activities
B.Storytelling, because she is telling a unique story that attracts customers
C.Crisis management, because she could not build a promotional campaign based on the products that she serves
D.Sales promotion, because she's promoting cycling on all her advertising and social media material

9.Successful apps such as Groupon have increased sales of several low-profile restaurants. This is due to the use of:


10.Grand Piranha Craft Brewery always has a booth at the annual Barbecue Contest in a local college town. During this event, the brewery encourages the people attending the event to try out their new IPA beer. If the people want to buy this beer, they could buy it on the spot for a 20% discount. This is an example of:

A.a game.
B.a contest
C.point of purchase promotion.

11.A popular sandwich shop gives repeat customers a free sandwich every ninth purchase. This is an example of a:

B.patronage reward
C.point of purchase promotion

12.The Midnight Sun resort has recently rebranded as the Fisherman's Cove. After two months of intense PR, it conducted a research study to find out the percentage of customers who have heard of the new name. In this case, the resort has measured:

A.Brand loyalty
C.Customer acquisition cost

13.The first step in crisis management is to:

A.create advertising plan for after the crisis.
B.have emergency plans in place for events that might occur.
C.respond to all media inquiries quickly.
D.encourage all employees to talk freely in the media.

14.Generally, print publications are being replaced by:

A.TV ads
B.Personalized print communications
C.Radio ads
D.Online publications

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A major hotel company has partnered with a movie studio. According to this partnership, the actors the characters in a new upcoming movie are...
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