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Q1. You are working on tills and you notice a line of customers starting

to form past the end of your till. You decide to:*
a. Continue scanning as fast as you can, it's busy and everyone in the team is doing the tasks that they have been assigned.
b. Call for another Store Assistant to the registers, it's important not to have customers wait at the tills.
c. Talk to your colleague on the till next to you about how busy it is and hope that they call someone to the registers to help.
d. Ask your Manager for help.

2. You are walking past the produce area on your way to the warehouse and you notice that there are some squashed grapes on the floor. You decide to:*
a. Go and get some paper towel to clean up the mess, you don't want anyone slipping on the grapes and hurting themselves.
b. Keep walking to the warehouse, someone else will clean up the mess.
c. Use your headset to call one of your colleagues to bring some paper towel so you can clean up the mess. You don't want to leave the area in case someone slips while you are gone.
d. Keep walking to the warehouse, you have been assigned a task and you need to finish it before you clean up the mess.

3. You are tidying near tills and a customer approaches you with a complaint. They bought a tub of pasta salad yesterday and the use by date has already passed. You decide to:*
a. Apologise to the customer, go and get them a new pasta salad, write off the out-of-date salad and ensure it is disposed of correctly.
b. Call the manager and advise them that our pasta salad is out of date.
c. Tell the customer that "this happens sometimes" and go and get them a new one.
d. Apologise to the customer, go and get them a new pasta salad, write off the out-of-date salad and ensure it is disposed of correctly. A quick spot check to make sure there are no more out-of-date pasta salads on the shelf.

4. An older customer comes to your till and they are having trouble placing items in their trolley as you scan their items. The bench is getting full. Do you:*
a. Slow down and match the pace of the customer, you don't want them to hurt themselves.
b. Just keep stacking things on top of each other. They should know if they shop at ALDI that we scan fast.
c. Advise the customer that it is busy and that they will need to pick up the pace.
d. Scan everything until the bench is full and then go and help the customer put them in their trolley.

5. You are re-stocking produce and notice that a price card is missing for the pink lady apples. You decide to:*
a. Finish the pallet and notify your manager when you see them next.
b. Immediately inform your manager so that the price card can be printed.
c. Do nothing, someone else will fix it up later.
d. Grab some nearby cardboard and write up a new price card.

6. As you are tidying specials you notice that a colleague is attempting to lift a BBQ by themselves. Do you:*
a. Continue tidying specials, the person lifting it is super fit and they would have asked for help if they needed it.
b. Stop what you are doing and go and assist them. It is a heavy item and it is unsafe for them to be lifting it by themselves.
c. Stop what you are doing and advise your manager. Your colleague is likely to hurt themselves if they try and lift the BBQ by themselves.
d. Continue to tidy the specials, that's the task you've been allocated to do.

7. Your manager has called you to advise that the store is expected to be very busy on the weekend and they would like you to come in for some extra shifts. You already have plans for the weekend that you don't want to change. Do you:*
a. Tell your manager you can work all weekend.
b. Tell your manager that you have plans, but you will see if you can change them. Re-arrange your plans and then call your manager back to advise them of the times you will be available.
c. Tell your manager that you have plans that can't be changed.
d. Tell your manager you can work, but then call in sick.

8. On your second day you are asked to decard aisle one. You have not completed your online training and you have no idea what this means. Do you:*
a. Find someone other than your manager, and ask them how to "decard". You don't want your manager to know that you don't know how to do something.
b. Advise your manager that you haven't yet completed your decarding training but you are keen to learn. Ask for their advice on how best to learn how to do task.
c. Find the store iPad and quickly complete the training so that no one knows you haven't done your training and you don't know what you're doing.
d. Go to aisle one and see if you can figure out what "decard" means.

9. You are provided with some constructive feedback about being careful to rotate stock when restocking in the store. Your manager advised that they found 3 out-of-date meat products when they did a spot check after you had run stock. Do you:*
a. Smile at your manager, nod in agreement and proceed to ignore the feedback. It was only 3 out-of-dates out of all the meat that you re-stocked and if you did rotate you wouldn't have met your load running timeframe.
b. Acknowledge the feedback and ask your leader for suggestions on how you could improve to ensure that nothing is out-of-date.
c. Take on board the feedback and offer solutions on how you can ensure that it doesn't happen again.
d. Take the feedback to heart and dwell on it for the next few days. Worrying constantly if you are going to lose your job.

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You are working on tills and you notice a line of customers starting to form past the end of your till. You decide to: Continue scanning as fast as...
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